World/Character Referees

world The World/Character Referee is tasked with maintaining a consistent In Game setting for the characters to occupy. They are responsible for helping players developer and vet character histories for their characters that fit within the game setting and fall within the parameters set by the Owners. More information on character histories and engaging the World/Character Referee can be found here. Additionally they are the arbiter for players that wish to play either Half-Fae or Mongrel characters, suggesting and approving costuming for those races as well as the back story that all players of those two races must submit prior to playing a character of either of those races. The World/Character Referee also assists the Owners in developing material for the players describing the game setting and consults with Plot on questions about the game setting. The World/Character Referee also works with each Plot team to chronicle the events that transpired during that period for reference by future Plot teams. This is a relatively new positions, and one that has taken over several of the above tasks from Plot. Not all of the game material has been updated to reflect this, however it is the intent of the afore mentioned responsibilites to belong to the World/Character Referee.

The World/Character Referee is appointed by the Owners and serves as long as they and the Owners are willing. They are compensated in a flat rate amount of bribe each event for their normal dutings and according to the bribe rates published on the website for projects outside of those normal duties. The World/Character Referee may be contacted at

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