Legacies Legacies is a fantasy themed Live Action Role Playing game (LARP) based in the greater Seattle area of Western Washington. Weekend long games occur once a month at Washington State Park ELCs and attract players from throughout the Pacific Northwest, including British Columbia, Idaho, and Oregon as well as Washington. The complete list of upcoming event dates and location can be found on the Events Page.

As a Live Action Roleplaying game players at Legacies assume the identity of a character they create and act out the actions of their character within Fantasy/Medieval setting of Legacies. Combat is full contact using latex and foam prop weapons and other safe props. Players can chose to make their character from a variety of races, including Dwarves, Goblins, a variety of elf-like races (called Sidhe at Legacies), and other races considered a staple of fantasy settings, though they may also play a regular human character should the prospects of playing a fantastical race not appeal to them. Characters can be warriors, magic users, smiths, scholars, or any combination thereof. Legacies strives to allow the players to craft their ideal alternate persona. The Legacies Rulebook provides an introduction on how to play Legacies and how to make a player's first character.

Characters at Legacies live in the Medieval town of Fortnight, a small settlement on the frontier border with a vast lawless, untamed, and unpredictable land called the Goblin Wastes. In Fortnight a diverse group of characters from all corners of the game world try to make a living via whatever skills and profession they can, establish friendships and rivalries with their fellow residents, become embroiled in regional politics and events, and continually cope with the adversities both overt and subtle coming from the hostile Goblin Wastes to the north. The town of Fortnight is many things, but one thing it rarely happens to be is boring.

A good means for new players to start their time with Legacies is by introducing themselves on the Out of Game forums. The existing players will be welcoming and happy to answer any questions new players have, and will happily dispense advice. The New Players' Orientation on the drop down "Game" menu above has a wealth of introductory material to further help new players acclimate to Legacies. Additionally the Owners of Legacies are available for questions, comments, and concerns via email.

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  Sorry about the website
  Posted By:Josh
  Tue Oct 22, 2019 16:23

Sooo the TLS certificates that secure the website expired, and literally none of you pinged me to let me know. I've since fixed the problem, and apologies about the outage just before a game

  Entry Fee Changes, Options, Raffle, and More!
  Posted By:Meg
  Sat Aug 31, 2019 20:34

At closing, Kitiara discussed some financial changes for our LARP; but, we want to make sure everyone has access to the same information - so we're announcing it here! :) As of October 2019 entry f...(More)

  Summer 2019 Rules Release
  Posted By:Shiladie
  Tue Jul 2, 2019 9:33

[b:7c8de23a5a][u:7c8de23a5a]Summer 2019 Rules Release[/b:7c8de23a5a][/u:7c8de23a5a] This is a log of the changes coming in the rules release this month. The rulebook should be updated with the spe...(More)