The Legacies Rulebook details how the game is played. It contains all of the information necessary to make a character as well as the rules that govern what the character can do in the game world. It also describes how players go about performing the actions of their character. New editions of the rulebook are published every Winter, usually around January, and every Summer, usually between June and July.

New players are expected to read the Legacies Rulebook before their first game, as it will give a great deal of context to the experience. That said the Rulebook contains a fair amount of content and new players are not expected to understand all of it prior to playing; the experience of the first couple of games will go a long way to helping with that understanding. Players with questions about the rules are encouraged to ask them on the #Rules channel of the Legacies Larp Discord. Players also shouldn't hesitate to ask questions at Event; general questions such as "what does this ability do" can be answered by any seasoned player and generally they will be happy to help. Questions about ambiguous or unprovided information in the rulebook should be directed specifically to a Rules Referee at event or the #Rules channel on the Discord, both because it informs the Rules Referees about what might be missing from the Rulebook and also because they have the authority to make judgement calls about content outside of the Rulebook.

The latest version of the Legacies Rulebook can be found here.

Additionally, every time the Rulebook is changed, the Rules team posts a brief overview of every change made.

This changelog can be found here.