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rules Rules Refs answer and clarify all questions related to the rules of the game. They may adjudicate any situation in which rules are in question at game, with the exception of situations in which they are personally involved. Additionally they answer questions regarding rules on the Legacies website forum. The Rules Referees also discuss changes that should be made to the rules; however only the Owners have the authority to actually authorize an alteration to the rules. The Rules Referees propose and weigh possible rules changes but the ultimate authority over rules changes rests with the Owners. This is to maintain consistent rules between Rules teams, and prevent the changing of the rules to specifically benefit any member of the Rules team.

At event Rules Referees may assist players when they use the resurrection skill in game. They may also write on character cards and request to see any player's character card.

The Head of Rules is appointed by the Owners in July and January. They serve as long as the Owners and Head of Rules is willing. The Head of Rules must meet the following requirements: The Head of Rules appoints three assistant Rules Referees for six month terms: January to June, and July to December. These referees must attend four of the six events in their rules term and maintain a regular presence on the website forums. They must also attend all rules meetings outside of event unless they have made arrangements in advance. Rules Refs will receive a flat rate amount of bribe for each event they attend and will accrue bribe per the published rates on the website for time spent outside of game at rules meetings.

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