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Plot It is the job of the Plot Referees (often referred to simply as Plot) to represent the game world outside of the town of Fortnight (the In Game town where the events of Legacies occur) and to model the impact of the greater game world. Plot constructs stories for the Player Characters (PCs) to participate in and interacts with the PCs through the use of Non-Player Characters (typically short term characters invented by Plot whose skill points and progress are not officially tracked by Logistics). Additionally Plot manages all Player Character travel and communication outside of Fortnight and any player who wishes for their character to leave the town for a specific reason should contact Plot. Plot also adjudicates the use of the Lore skills, the Racial Ability Divination, and the higher magic Rituals. Finally, players may go to Plot when performing a resurrection or when they need something written on their character card. Plot Refs may ask to see any player's character card.

The Head of Plot is in charge of overseeing Plot, organizing the Plot team, and handling all communications between events with players. The Head of Plot is appointed twice a year by the Owners and serves a six month term. They then appoint a number of players not exceeding ten percent of the average players per event from the previous term to assist them as Plot Referees.

There are two Plot terms per year: January through June, and July through December. Appointments for Head of Plot take place during the months of May and November; any player interested in being Head of Plot should contact the Owners prior to those month. The Owners then interview all candidates and choose the new Head of Plot. The newly appointed Head of Plot will serve the month prior to their Plot term (June or December) on the outgoing Plot team in order to familiarize themselves with the events from the previous Plot reign. The Head of Plot is expected to meet the following requirements: The Plot Referees under the Head of Plot must be able to attend four out of six events in a Plot term. Additionally the Head of Plot and the Plot Referees are expected to meet at least once between each event, whether in person or virtually over a conference call, to plan the story for the next event. Players on Plot may not player their Player Characters during the plot term.

Both the Head of Plot and the Plot Referees receive a flat rate amount of bribe in compensation for each event they attend as Plot. Additionally they will be compensated in bribe according to the posted rate on the Legacies website for any time in between events they spend planning or working on props for an upcoming event, and any money they spend on props for Plot. Plot does not receive a cleanup job at the end of events; however they are responsible for making sure plot camp is clean, as are any areas used for story modules. Plot Referees do not pay an event fee.

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