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Logistics Logistics maintains all documentation and data regarding player and character demographics. Logistics also manages event sign in and sign out. The Head of Logistics is appointed by the Owners and is the most trusted position within the organization as they are directly responsible for all character information. At event the Head of Logistics runs the check-in process: they collect event fees and sign players in, print out character cards and give them to the appropriate players, assigns cleanup jobs, enter characters belonging to new players into the database, and oversees the other Logistics Referees as they manage the rest of the check-in process.

At the end of event the Head of Logistics also runs the check-out process. Once a player has finished cleaning their area and completed their cleanup job they need to show their character cards to the Head of Logistics so that any changes to the character or the player's bribe during event may be recorded in the database. Between events the Head of Logistics will update characters according to the players' wishes. The Head of Logistics may be contacted at or via the Character Update Utility on the website.

The Head of Logistics appoints assistants to help with the check-in process. The assistants are responsible for handling any character production, helping new players create characters, put together the starting equipment for new characters, and fill out spell cards. Additionally, during event any Logistics Referee may ask to see a player's character card or spell card. They may write on character cards, ask to see any player's character card during game, and may assist with resurrections during the course of game. The Head of Logistics, and any Logistics Referees they specify, may perform safety checks on weapons. Exotic weapon designs and missile weapons may only be checked by the Head of Safety rather than Logistics.

The Head of Logistics, along with the Owners specifies the Logistics procedures. The current Logistics procedures are always listed on the website.

Logistics Referees may not miss more than two events in a six month period. If the Head of Logistics is going to miss an event they must make arrangements with the Owners in advance. The Head of Logistics serves as long as they and the Owners are willing. Logistics Referees serve as long as they, the Head of Logistics, and the Owners are willing.

At game the Head of Logistics and the Logistics Referees are compensated bribe at twice the rate per hour listed on the website. Additionally the Head of Logistics receives a flat rate amount of bribe for their work between events doing character updates. Logistics Referees are not assigned a cleanup job.

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