Disciplinary Actions
In order to provide a consistent and equitable environment for all players, Legacies has a variety of disciplinary actions that can be used to prevent abuse of the game system and discourage inappropriate or un-courteous behavior. It is rare for a situation to arise that warrants more than a verbal warning, however greater measures do exist for the few situations that call for them. In general the playership of Legacies is an incredibly honest and courteous crowd and it is only the few individuals that make punitive measurements necessary at all. It should be noted that the Owners are willing to hold referees and their fellow owner accountable in the same manner they hold regular players accountable. Indeed, the game officials, be they referees or Owners, have a responsibility to set examples for the playership and failure to do so will be looked down upon heavily.

Should a player be subject to a punitive measure, the details remain confidential between them and the Owners. Regardless of the punishment meted out it is considered a courtesy to keep the matter private. If the punished party wishes to discuss the details with others, that is their prerogative, but the Owners will not participate in the disclosure. Other players should not expect to be informed of the exchange between the punished party and Owners however if the punishment was initiated because of a wrong directed at another player or players, the wronged party will be informed that a punishment was handed out. They will not receive specifics however.

Lesser Offenses
Most situations that arise do not call for particularly severe punishment. Legacies prefers to give players the benefit of the doubt unless given a compelling reason to believe otherwise. In addition most infractions that arise are either the result of forgetfulness or misunderstanding, or are fairly minor. For example, players that do not tear up item tags that were expended during a conflict or appear to take more damage than their character can withstand will likely receive a simple verbal warning unless the behavior seems repeated or endemic. Players that fail to cleanup at the end of event will receive slightly harsher punishment, but unless it is a repeat offense that will likely be relatively minor as well.

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Verbal Warning
Situations that arise because of a misunderstanding, simple forgetfulness, or are quite minor will result in a simple verbal warning from a referee. These warnings are a simple way of pointing out behavior that should not be repeated.

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Suspension of Blanket
For repeat instances of behavior that would normally garner a verbal warning, minor instances of cheating, or failure to follow certain policies, a player will not receive Blanket at the end of event (additional Skill Points characters accrue each event they are played - see the Legacies Rulebook for more information). This means that they will not receive the skill points awarded to each character played at the event simply for having been played. In greater offenses Logistics might also decline to update a player's character for the next event, preventing them from buying new skills or resurrections.

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Suspension of Weapon Privileges
In the very specific instance where a player has been asked repeatedly to swing their weapon lighter during combat and failed to do so, or are consistently fighting in a manner deemed unsafe, they will have their weapon privileges revoked. This means they may not wield melee or missile weapons in combat for a duration specified by a referee. Optionally the suspension could specify specific weapons or weapon types, if the warning is issued for weapon specific abuse (for example, a player may have their melee weapon privileges revoked because they consistently swing too hard, but may still be allowed to use a bow)

Greater Offenses
Greater offenses will be met with greater punishment. Some example offenses that are looked on more harshly by the organization are blatant cheating, intentionally harming another player or intentionally creating a safety risk, and frequent, reoccurring instances of minor offenses. Ultimately the severity of the offense and the corresponding severity of punishment are determined by the Owners. Often times more than one punishment will be assigned, for example a player will likely also receive a ref warning if they have done something severe enough to lose a character.

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Ref Warning
Ref Warnings are officially tracked warnings issued by a referee to another player. When a Ref Warning has been issued it is entered into the player database and will remain on record from that point forward. Referees may assign Ref Warnings as they deem appropriate, but typically reserve the warnings for blatant cheating, when forced into a disrespectful argument by players, or after repeated verbal warnings have not been effective at deterring minor offenses. All referees may issue Referee Warnings, however should a player feel a referee has abused the authority they may appeal to the Owners.

Players that receive a Ref Warning automatically receive a Suspension of Blanket for that event and are ineligible for a Ref Position for a period of one year following the warning. The issuing referee may also request the Owners issue even more severe penalty if the situation seems to warrant it. Players that accrue two Ref Warnings within a single year, or three over the lifetime of play will be banned from game.

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Loss of Skill Points
Players that have been issued a Suspension of Blanket as punishment on several occasions, or who have committed infractions more severe than is covered by the Suspension of Blanket will have a certain amount of Skill Points docked from their character.

Disciplinary Bullet
Loss of Character
Players who cheat in a severe way, or been lost Skill Points as punishment on several occasions for less major offenses are subject to the deletion of one, or all of their characters. Additionally, players found to have forged bribe awards or created counterfeit game tags will immediately lose all of their characters and bribe from the database.

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Ineligable for Ref Position
If it is believed that the player cannot be trusted in a referee position as a result of the nature of an offense they will be ineligible to serve in the capacity of a Referee either for a specified period of time, or potentially permanently. Players who receive a Ref Warning are automatically ineligible for a referee position for a period of one year following the warning, though optionally longer if the offense warrants it. In addition players removed from a referee position by the Owners are ineligible for a one year period, though longer suspensions may also be assigned.

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Suspension of Play
Players may be suspended from play for a period of time, and be disallowed to attend events while the suspension is in effect. Suspensions range from a single month to one year. For offenses that would necessitate greater than a one year suspension the player will instead be banned from game.

Disciplinary Bullet
If a player receives two Ref Warnings within a one year time frame, or three Ref Warnings in the history of play, or commits a particularly gross offense, or has consistently committed a multitude of minor offenses for a great duration, they will be banned from game and will never be allowed to return. Additionally, particularly severe offenses, especially those that have resulted in the intentional injury of another player, or have jeopardized the organization's reputation with the managers of the physical sites that events take place on, may be banned immediately. The Owners of Legacies do not ban players from game lightly, and have only banned a handful of players in the history of the game.

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