Player Policies
Players have a responsibility to their fellow players to maintain a cordial and friendly game environment for everyone. Policies have been put in place to minimize conflict between players due to disagreements from outside of the game.

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Rules of Conduct
The Rules of Conduct listed within the rulebook are rules to guide the player's behavior rather than that of their characters. Failure to follow the rules of conduct is considered cheating and appropriate repercussions will accompany the infraction. The Rules of Conduct are not unreasonable and all players should familiarize themselves with them prior to attending event.

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Gentleman's Rule
If two players have an out of game conflict and cannot reconcile their differences than one or the other may issue a Gentleman's Rule. Once a Gentleman's Rule exists between two players they may not interact either In or Out of game while at event until such time as both players agree to lift the Gentleman's Rule. Additionally, interaction on the Legacies web forum should be limited to the Out of Game forums, and even then they may not address the other player directly, nor may the content of their posts be in anyway seen as impolite with regard to the other player. If a player wishes to issue a Gentleman's Rule with another player they must contact the Owners. The other player need not be consenting to the Gentleman's Rule. If either player violates the Gentleman's Rule they will be subject to discplinary action. The Owners may not be subject to a Gentleman's Rule, nor may they issue one against another player.

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Intimacy at Game
Many couples participate at game, and due to the friendly environment of camaraderie present among the playership many couples form from meeting at Legacies. Regardless of the nature of the In Game or Out of Game relationship between two players the extent of physical intimacy they may share at event is limited to that which would qualify for a PG rating in movies. While staying in cabins at the event sites no two players may share a bunk even if they are married. They may share a tent, however they must remain attired such that there is no question of their activity in the tent. Intercourse of any form is strictly prohibited and any player caught participating shall be at the very least suspended from game.

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