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Real Name: Max Steinmetz
I don't know if this is the proper place to post this idea or not, but I think that it would be a sort of 'Immersion thing'. A long, LONG time ago, Legacies use to have something called a 'rumor sheet'. It was something that came in you character folder, something that no longer exists I know, but could be perhaps replaced with a rumor 'bag' maybe? The basic idea is that a sheet had ONE 'rumor' which was absolutely true, one rumor that was absolutely false, and then eight more which were half truths of varying degrees. A Rumor sheet might of looked like:

#1. YURI is more powerful then he lets on, he possesses a Critical Slay
#2. Homeboy isn't his real name.
#3. The Endrani are actually Albino's, if you leave them in the sun for too long their skin color will fade.
#4. Oog the half Orc is an accomplished public speaker and a master debater.
#5. The Defilers are drawn to the spirts of the dead as they seek a square dancing partner......

I hope you all get the idea.

I think something like this could be fun to bring back. Perhaps players could submit rumors via email with the subject line 'Rumor suggestion'. The rumor could be printed out, and edited (in to full, half and false truths) and placed in a bag which when people arrived, they could pull several times from. And plot could also use this as a means to get additional information into game. Plot could even put in some 'Golden tickets' and 'Black Marks' maybe.

A golden ticket would allow a player to ask a ten world question that plot would answer truthfully/fully (with in reason of course). An example might be "Where is key to the tavern wine cellar stored?*"

A Black Mark would require a player to go to plot and say 'Here's a screw me ticket' (ie invitation to help someone random get involved. An example might be: Character X enters back into game already under a vampire charm with the command of bring Character Y to an ambush.

I think that this could be a fun addition to the game. That said, I don't necessarily know all the effort it might entail and recognize that it might not be doable any more. But it was soemthing Legacies did long ago and it helped new players and those who'd not been around for a while a way to enter conversations as folks tended to discuss rumors at the beginning of games.


*Thats really all Yuri would ever ask, and he spoke through me at that moment. And he'd really like to know where the key is, also he'd like to know if their is a wine cellar. Also he's taking donations and sponsorships so he can Enter the World's Cup - he heard its very big and he wants to see if he can get to the bottom Wink

Mon Sep 16, 2013 8:51 am

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Real Name: Jay Irvine
We do rumors though Plot, and of course you can always pick up some things though IG chat at the tavern. Lore: rumors allows you to ask for what rumors are floating around Blackwater, or Newcastle, or wherever, about a specific subject, or plant rumors. Even without the lore, you can go to Plot and say you were hanging out in a dive bar in Blackwater (or wherever) between games, what were people talking about?
Mon Sep 16, 2013 9:25 am

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