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Head of Plot - Head of Plot
World - World/Character Ref

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 2:18 pm    Post subject: Important Org Change Reply with quote

Ray and I would like to announce that after discussion with us, Josh has decided to leave the ownership team. His demanding job and family obligations make it too much for him to be as engaged as is needed, but we're very, very glad to have had him on the team for all these years. Josh has been playing legacies for almost as long as the game has existed, and has been an owner for 15 of those years. His hard work and service to the org are irreplaceable and his contributions will be missed. That said, I fully support his decision and hope that he can get some sleep once in a while now.

We will be working together to restructure a little bit during this transition, and look forward to building our team back up.

For the immediate interrim, I will be taking charge of the rules team while Ray will be managing the website. We will be putting feelers out to those with certain tech skills and specialties moving forward, but if you have something specific you'd like to offer please feel free to reach out to us here, on Facebook, or on Discord.
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Web Master - Web Master

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 5:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Best of luck to the org, and I may occasionally still be around, though not likely in the near future. As was pretty obvious, I've been rather scarce the past 15 months or so, and while I originally thought that would change after the mid term elections the opposite is happening. And in addition to missing a ton of events, I've been struggling to find time for the rules team, logistics database work, and website (the site at should have replaced the production site YEARS ago). And worse, trying to balance my obligations to Legacies with all of my other obligations, and falling short, has mostly caused me to feel perpetually shitty about it, and in turn not super enthusiastic about the game. That's not super healthy, and its probably better for me to admit I am burned out now rather than become irrevocably bitter about it

Also, 22 years at a LARP is sort of insane. I used to joke that I started playing before some of the players were born - I'm pretty sure that's true now. Like, the world wide web was invented only 5 years before I started at Legacies. I'm old

Anyway, now that I am not an owner, a couple candid things that I hope folks take to heart:

- For all of the ref positions, the player serving in that position puts in WAYYYY more than they get out of it. The boon system was a mild attempt to recognize that effort, but nothing really will. The only payment that really comes close to compensation is that their efforts make the game work, and they like playing the game, but folks can also play the game for $45 a month and not put in that effort. I'd really encourage players to NOT take any ref's efforts for granted, nor to feel entitled to them.

- That is especially true for the owners. Anna and Ray (and Me, and Chris, and Sandy, and Luck, and Sage, and Max before) may be called owners (also, Anna and I wanted to change the title to Producers but the idea of changing every place that the word owner exists was just too much effort to care), but there isn't any real asset of concrete value that is owned (I suppose there is a bit of IP in the game world and rulebook, but the financial value of those is pretty modest). The game doesn't make any money, and some times it eats money. Its frequently aggrevating and frustrating, and that's *before* moderating inter-player conflict. Gamers seem to generate drama between themselves (the number of times we have had to smooth things over between players because of something that happened at a party...), and moderating disagreements that didn't even happen at game so the game runs smoothly is not the funnest way to spend one's time. Folks, y'all should chill out, give your fellow player the benefit of the doubt for their motives (or even what transpired - so often everyone's "facts" were, after investigation, pretty far from the real events), and also give them the benefit of the doubt that if you talked to them about what you think happened in a non-judgemental way, and why it bothered you, they will respond in an empathetic way. A surprising amount of the job of an owner is to just get people to calm down, and re-evaluate their assumptions about what really happened and the motives of other players. I'm as shitty about that pattern as anyone (despite their pseudo science basically every personality test has me pegged as judgemental), but I think everyone (and especially the owners) would have more fun if we all tried to keep the game in perspective (it is just the game, even if it is an important one for many folks) and assumed either we have imperfect perspective of what/why something happened, or that the other party was unaware of how it affected people and would care when made aware.

- the game is, both in and out of game, a community effort, that reflects as little or as much as we put in together, and how hard we work to make it fun for OTHER people. It relies on people NPCing and being refs at the expense of playing their own character, for the fun of others. In relies on people not thinking "how do I win" but rather "how can I make this cool for everyone". He hasn't been to game in a long time, but an old player named Chris Biggs was super great about playing to make a scene better for everyone. While NPCing, if he was playing a smaller card and someone hit him with a big ability, he ALWAYS took it, even if he could have negated it, because he thought the other player would feel good about it. I once (in a case of being a _terrible_ player) literally cut his phys rep in half with my own, and hit him with the strike - by all rights he didn't need to take it. He clearly blocked it AND I had just broken his phys rep out of game. Instead, in his mind, my strike was so destined to succeed that it broke his in half undetered, and he fell over dead AS HIS PC. And it was awesome (I mean, I feel bad, but it was super cool). I wish that I could do a better job of keeping that in mind myself, as I have played with other players, and I hope all of you will think about it as well. It doesn't take being a ref to make the game great for other players - in the course of your own play there are a ton of opportunities to create great moments for the community, and I very much encourage that mindset.

The inverse is also true though - the more we focus on ourselves, what we want from the game, and make that a priority, the worse the game gets

- PvP doesnt' work at game, and the game has been at its worst when PvP has been at its most prominent. For a game to work well as PvP it needs to put players at level playing fields, and make the repercussions for coming out on the bottom temporary with relatively little stakes (and even then, people still get upset). Legacies doesn't do either of those things - it is very easy for a conflict to be highly asymetrical on a number of axis, and for the impact to be lasting with relatively high stakes. And its pretty inherently contradictory to the previous point. "I'm going to take all of those player's things, and maybe kill their characters" isn't thinking about how the game can be fun for them

- However, we also can't expect other players (including plot) to always make our fun for us. An amazing plot team has made 80% of the playership happy over the course of their full plot reign, but at any given point in a game, probably only a small subset of the playership is being engaged by plot. Most plot teams are merely pretty good, and hit a smaller mark, which doesn't at all suggest that they did a bad job. On my last iteration through Plot I thought the Black Lion storyline was one of the best things I had ever done on plot, and for some of the players, I think I was very successful in giving them really meaningful engagement. BUT I also know a hole lot of players were hoping for something to hit and weren't interested. That doesn't diminish the plot line, but it does illustrate that even plot lines that go well aren't going to provide the engagement that 100% of the playership looks for. And everyone as a player needs to recognize that, recognize that even if they aren't enjoying a plot line it doesn't mean the plot line is unenjoyable, and actively consider as they are building and playing their characters what they can do to make their own fun for the times when for whatever reason they need to.

Anyway, those are my rando words of wisdom. I hope some people may find some of them helpful. As I said, I don't plan to disappear, and so will see most of you again
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Rules - Rules

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Far from "rando", but definitely wisdom.

I have said to several people in the past: "When Josh speaks, its worth listening," and I'm not changing my mind now.
You can't fail until you quit ... and thats not looking likely any time soon
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Raven Lunatic
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 4:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Josh, your ability and willingness to debate has made me (forced me) to grow as a person. You're literally one of the main reasons I am easier to deal with than I was even 5 years ago.

Your characters are always fascinating.

Thank you for all the hard work.

I hope someday soon you get the time to sit back an enjoy what you built, without the responsibilities. You truly deserve it.
Ithink with my heart and I move with my head, I open my mouth and it's something I've read.
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Rules - Rules

PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 4:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you, Josh.
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