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*Posted at Fortnight*

Citizens of Fortnight:

As a community, we have faced many trials and tribulations - standing against some of the most deadly threats known to Warwick and other regions. We have worked alongside the Alban Army, the Baronial Guard, the Order of Queen Anne's Watch; but, perhaps most importantly we have worked alongside each other - forging bonds as we put our lives on the line to put an end to a threat.

We have known victory and we have known defeat. Victory does not come without a price and oft comes as the result of sacrifice. It is with great sadness that we bring news of the passing of some of the bravest, dedicated, and most stalwart members of our community.

These heroes embarked upon what they believed to be a one way trip with one purpose in mind: Destroying Mortimus - an ascended lich whose necromantic works thwarted the ability of souls to move on to the sundered lands and whose descendant wreaked significant destruction upon Warwick. Of the six people who made this trek, only one returned to us alive.

It is therefore with a heavy heart that I must announce the passing of Artur Belrothi, Charlotte Leonard, Homeboy Raxis, Constable Ferrin, and Sir Oliver Greyson. These people came from varying backgrounds and ideologies to work together so that the Duchy and perhaps the world might be spared of this heinous Necromancer's influence.

The full details from their mission have not been fully verified and as such the Town Council will be working closely in conjunction with members of the Beacon Stead, Diviners, and Incanters. Comments or Questions about this matter may be directed to me or to the Town Council.

Gabriel Rose
Mayor of Fortnight

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