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PostPosted: Mon Dec 25, 2017 6:21 pm    Post subject: Legacies Gives Thanks Reply with quote

Of course, we all know that LARPs cannot survive without its players. Obviously, Legacies is no exception to this rule surviving all this time for almost 21 years (come January) with very little official advertising and almost always on the positive reviews of our playership who want to share their experiences with their friends and family. So in the spirit of the season, Legacies would like to give a small token of thanks to those individuals that have directly helped to keep our game going. Those individuals who help make our game a better and more welcoming place for newer people.

From today until closing ceremony at December event, you can gift 50 Favor to either: a) The one person who brought you to event or b) if that person is no longer playing, the one person who made you stay at game. Simply email Logistics with the date you started playing Legacies and the name of the individual that helped you join Legacies or made you stay. The date is less necessary but I want to log when people started playing on the database.

No matter if you are a current new player or an older player who can't make it to game anymore please help us give thanks to the person who brought you to game with a quick message of their name.

Additionally, feel free to post any delightful stories below in the comments of how you started Legacies and who or what about Legacies made you stay.
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