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This is the wiki-style platform which houses the majority of written gameworld lore. The World Team constantly works to create and solidify setting content, and post it here. As such, some articles may be rough around the edges (or filled with placeholders awaiting actual content), and you may need to contact the World Team at gameworld@legacieslarp.org for additional material or clarifications.

The player characters live in the town of Fortnight, a rough town similar in flavor to a frontier town in the American West 150 years ago such as Tombstone or Deadwood. Fortnight is located in the frontier Duchy of Warwick which is in turn in the Kingdom of Alba, a land reminiscent of medieval England but with its own unique fantastical elements and flavor. The land is in a transitional feudal society Ė there are Dukes and Barons, but also a very independent minded frontier population. This extends to Fortnight itself, however rather than housing the typical serfs and peasants, craftsman and farmers, Fortnight attracts the misfits of the world that do not fit in elsewhere. The population has a reputation within the nation for being rough and individualized, but also willing to face down adversity and challenge when it arises. The inhabitants may commonly be perceived as uncivilized but on many occasions they have acted to preserve the stability of the greater nation.The town does attract a wide assortment of characters; some are on the run from elements in the rest of society, some are just looking for a place to fit in and have unable to find their place among more polite company. Others may be looking to prove themselves or are there because they feel they have the opportunity to do good or bad. The characters attracted to Fortnight are a varied lot, and it is not uncommon for there to be tensions among different elements within the town, occasionally breaking out into outright hostilities.

However, much like an argumentative family, no matter how much they fight among themselves they will typically band together when faced with an outside threat. For many reasons Fortnight is a magnet for external adversity, and the characters that donít fit in elsewhere in society are well equipped to defend their current home.

Please don't feel limited to Warwick for your character history, culture, or religion though! We here at the World Team have created a broad and magnificent world for you to explore! For some broader game world ideas try:

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All requests to create a new character or make changes to existing characters is handled by emailing Logistics. When creating a new character or making significant changes to an existing character players should use the Character card maker. For more minor changes players may just describe the change that they wish to make, for example "I wish to spend 200 favor to buy Skill points, and use those skill points to buy 3 purchases of the Skill Reserve". The email should contain the player's name, and if it is an update to an existing character, the character name as it appears on the character card - Logistics may not be aware of which character a nick name goes to.

Players should also email Logistics with Character Production (Items the character is making with Skills such as Smith, Alchemist, or Spell Wright) for the upcoming month so that Logistics is able to make the Item Tags in advance. For example "I wish to use my 50 Smith production to make a standard crafted 1 handed weapon".

Production and Character Updates MUST be submitted no later than the Friday prior to the event in order to provide Logistics sufficient time to complete the request prior to event, unless Logistics has specifically announced a different policy for a specific event (for example, if events are only 2 weeks apart Logistics often allows submissions into the week of event).
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