The Character Procedures cover the interaction between the players and Logistics, the Referee position that maintains the database of characters for the game. Over the course of events players will accrue additional Skill Points for their character(s) that they can spend to aquire additional Skills. Depending on what Skills they have they may also have Production Points each event that can be spent to buy new items for their character. Players are also allowed to tweak the Skills their character(s) has, dropping Skills that they do not use or wish they hadn't purchased to free up Skill Points to aquire other Skills. They are also allowed to rewrite a character that they have grown tired of playing into a new character.

While the workload to do this for each individual player is not terribly great, it adds up very quickly when taking into account all of the players currently playing the game. Logistics is a volunteer position, and the individual(s) that handle all of these changes to characters take on a fairly large burden to help the game. Because of that the procedures to perform all of the alterations on characters has been standardized in order to make things as easy as possible on the players that have volunteered to serve on Logistics. Players are expected to follow these standardized procedures and failure to do so may result in an update to a player's character not being performed by Logistics. If this were to occur the fault lies on the player rather than on the Logistics Referee.

Currently a web based version of the procedures has not been finished for the new website, however players can view interim drafts of the procedure either in Microsoft Word Format or Adobe PDF Format. Players are expected to be familiar with these procedures, and ignorance of the procedures will not be grounds for special consideration by Logistics. It is unfair to the players volunteering as Logistics to expect them to grant exception to players that could not extend the effort to be familiar and compliant with the policies.

In addition to procedures for engaging Logistics the Character Procedures also contain policies around how many active characters a player may have at one time as well as the current conversion rate of Favor Points to Skill Points, In Game Currency, Resurrections, and other perks that can be aquired through Favor. It additionally contains information on how Favor Points can be acquired, when a player can change from one character to another during an event, and other policies that govern characters.
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