A Message to Parents/Guardians:

If your 16 or 17 year old is introducing you to Legacies for the first time by showing you this waiver you probably have some questions about what Legacies is. Legacies is a Fantasy themed LARP - essentially a large game of make believe where every participant has agreed on the same setting for their imagination and rules to play by. Our game setting is fantastical, with wizards and warriors, heroes and villians, and a variety of races such as dwarves and goblins. Each player assumes a persona of a character that they have created, and pretends to act out actions as well as social interactions with other players as if they were that character. Legacies does have simulated combat between characters using safe foam weapon props, as well as bird seed packets similar to bean bags. Every event every single foam weapon from every player is checked and verified to be be safe from defect that would noticably impare its safe use. Despite the presence of combat the game is primarily a social experience with the majority of the event composing interactions between characters all living in the same setting. Our setting does have mature themes such as friendship, loss, exploration of imaginary faiths, and morality. The game facilitates exploration of complex real world concepts through imaginary scenarios while maintaining careful seperation from the player's real world beliefs. Legacies strongly reinforces that the content of the game is imaginary and that there is a strong distinction between content such as the various faiths of the imaginary game world and faiths of real life, a distinction that should be maintained in either direction.

While the themes of Legacies can be mature, certain mature behavior is strictly prevented. Alcohol and drugs may never be brought to game, and should a player violate that rule they will be escorted off the game site and prevented from future attendence. Depending on the legality of the substance law enforcement may also be contacted. Similarly, while the social nature of the game has introduced several players to their significant others in real life, sexual intercourse of any form is not allowed at game. Finally, the only weapons that may be brought to game are the verified safe foam and latex prop weapons; any player bringing a real weapon to a game will forced to leave.

If parents/guardians have more questions about the game, as the content here is brief, they are encouraged strongly to explore the Legacies website (https://www.legacieslarp.org) where there is much greater detail, including a rulebook and a description of the imaginary game setting and an introductions for new players which contains content specifically for curious parents. Additionally, the Owners of Legacies are always willing to answer any questions. They can be reached via email at owners@legacieslarp.org. If parents wish to speak with one of the Owners on the phone about the game they can email the Owners to exchange phone numbers and set up a convinient time to talk. Parents are also welcome to come to a Legacies event and observer what it is like. If they wish, Legacies has some loaner garments and a temporary character can be provided to Parents who wish to participate for a game and get a deeper feel for it.

The minimum age allowed at Legacies is 16 years old, however all players under the age of 18 years of age much bring a signed copy of the Parental Release (below) to each game that they attend.

Parental/Guardian Waiver:

By signing this form you attest that you are the Parent or Legal guardian of the player listed below, that they are at least 16 years of age, and that you are allowing them to attend as a participant in the Legacies live action role-playing game (LARP). Further you acknowledge that participation in the game exposes your child listed below to a possibility of personal injury or lost or damaged property, though due dilligence on the part of Legacies has been taken to minimize the likelihood of this occuring. You, being fully aware that participation in the game exposes your child to a possible risk of personal injury, hereby release Legacies and its Owners, officers, employees, agents, licenses, and affiliates from any and all liability from property damage, personal injuries, or other claims arising from or in connection with your child's participation in the game including claims that are known and unknown, foreseen and unforeseen, future or contingent.

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