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Ramblewood is a small site located far up the Olympic Peninsula near... well, it's the peninsula. It's kind of near Port Townsend, but not in a meaningful way. This location, while very pretty, presents several noteworthy challenges.

The main building consists of a reasonable kitchen with several refrigerator/freezers and modern cook space. There is also a large and comfortable dining area (the Tavern, as always), above which is a narrow loft with several bunks, accessible by a narrow stair that should be treated with care by persons over 5'8". Out front of the tavern building is a roomy picnic area with several tables and barbecues, and there is a bit of space where tents can be pitched if so desired. Behind and alongside the tavern, there are a few cabins which are richly appointed, very comfortable, and sleep approximately 6 people apiece. Also, there are some adirondacks accessible by way of the few back trails. Central to the site is a volleyball court and a small clearing, near which is a large and comfortable bathroom/shower house, split down the middle with a men's and women's side.

Plot is located in two adirondacks down a narrow path past the shower house. Any paths at Ramblewood are prone to having large ankle-breaking roots protruding from the earth, and care should be taken getting acquainted with them. Fall risk is moderate in the dark.

Parking is minimal and like many things about the location has limited space. Upon arrival claim what parking place you can and carry your possessions in; it's not far. Logistics is located in the kitchen. Smoking is permitted ONLY in the parking lot.

Game Setting Description:
Ramblewood is in a secluded, arguably protected, valley in the extreme north part of the Barony of Drakenvelt. Called "The Valley of First and Last Chances" this place is a curiosity to which the citizens of Fortnights are infrequently drawn by special circumstances.

Site Notes:
This site has "Quiet Hours" meaning that screaming and mayhem are conducted in a more constrained manner after 10pm, but this is not a ferociously strict policy.

Camp Ramblewood is located in Sequim Bay State park on highway 101 3 miles east of Sequim. Take Highway 101 north. You will pass the 7 Cedars Casino on your left. About a mile ahead, you will see a brown sign for Camp Ramblewood, which is a right turn. As soon as you make that turn, you will see another brown sign, telling you to turn left. The camp is at the end. It is very easy to spot.

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