Event Sites - Fort Flagler
An old military base overlooking the sound, this picturesque cabin site is very distinct as a game location. Most notable is the presence of several old cement munitions bunkers which provide excellent (if hazardous) dungeon crawl space for an unparalleled gaming experience. Spooky doors, low ceilings, twists, turns, open pits, exposed rebar... Legacies goes out of its way to make sure each dungeon creation is made as safe as humanly possible, and the extra care taken with one's person is a tiny price to pay for the enriching experience of creeping through the terrifying underground mazes. These areas are usually considered "off limits" except with plot guidance, but there is always at least one foray into them any event we travel there.

Flagler is unusual in that we only are awarded a portion of the site, the rest sometimes being used by other groups or the public simultaneous to our presence there. This can mean onlookers or disorienting light and noise at times, but we do endeavor to keep our action away from that of other groups to minimize this effect.

The main structure is a vast two-story dormitory. The first floor has a mid-sized kitchen with a couple large refrigerator/freezers and a large but somewhat anachronistic dining hall. Also there are somewhat cramped bathroom/shower facilities in the center of the building. The rear of the building has a couple small private rooms and a lounge area with excellent couches for sitting, which also serves as the logistics area upon arrival.

Upstairs are two halls, each containing long rows of alcoves containing bunks. Each has a curtain rod enabling it to be screened off from the hallway, but no curtain is provided, so bring your own accommodations if you wish to do so. There are exterior access stairs at the front and back of the building as well as a central stairwell.

Outside on the south side there is a vast parade ground with a view of the sound. To the north, a thick line of trees beyond which is a double row of small "classroom" cabins. While these do not have bunks, they are private and somewhat removed from the main building. Plot occupies one or more of these cabins, typically those at the extreme west end, but many are available for habitation. They do not have separate bathroom facilities, and are accessed by either going all the way around the tree break or by way of a few narrow, circuitous trails. The bunkers are more distant, abutting the various edges of the small island on which Fort Flagler is located.

The primary site has few risks, is exceedingly well lit and mostly very flat, but travel to and through the bunkers has the potential for severe injury. The bunkers need to be treated with the utmost respect for safety at all times.

Upon arrival, there is a large area for parking alongside several large dormitories. Ours is the one at the extreme East end. It is possible to drive down the narrow paved road to the dormitory to unload, but it is preferred that people then remove their vehicles back in the main parking lot unless crowding renders doing so impossible, to minimize vehicles in in-game areas. Smoking is permitted ONLY in the parking lot.

Game Setting Description:
Fort Flagler represents Fort Hayes, a Nights Watch outpost at the extreme northern end of the Barony of Drakenvelt, on the frontier of the true Goblyn Wastes. The Nights Watch is an apolitical organization of devoted individuals combating evil and monstrous things wherever they can be found. Fort Hayes is their base in this area, though often sparsely populated as the group is perennially very busy with the sheer volume of dangerous and unusual things continuously happening to the north. Hayes is several days travel from Fortnight. When coming to a site that is not "home", it is acceptable to only bring a portion of your character's possessions, such as they would take on a journey.

From I-5 (Seattle and North)
1. At I-5 exit 177 in edmonds, take ramp right for WA-104 West toward Kingston Ferry / Edmonds 0.7 miles
2. Keep straight onto WA-104 / NE 205TH St / 244TH St SW 1 miles
3. Keep right to stay on WA-104 West / Edmonds Way 2.5 miles
4. Keep right to stay on WA-104 West / Edmonds Way 1.2 miles
5. Turn left to stay on WA-104 / Main St 0.1 miles
6. Take Edmonds-Kingston Ferry 5.6 miles
7. Take WA-104 4.1 miles
8. Turn right to stay on WA-104 / State Highway 104 NE / WA-104 NE 5 miles
9. Turn right to stay on WA-104 6.7 miles
10. Turn right onto WA-19 / Beaver Valley Rd 9.1 miles
11. Turn right onto Chimacum Rd 1.6 miles
12. Bear right onto WA-116 / Oak Bay Rd 0.9 miles
13. Turn left to stay on WA-116 / Flagler Rd 7.9 miles
14. Keep straight onto Flagler Rd 0.6 miles
15. Turn left onto Park Dr 0.7 miles
16. Arrive at Park Dr on the right 0 miles
From I-5 (Tacoma and South)
1. At I-5 exit 132 in Tacoma, take ramp right for WA-16 West toward Sprague Ave. / Gig Harbor / Bremerton 27.2 miles
2. Road name changes to WA-3 North / WA-3 W 25.4 miles
3. Turn left onto WA-104 6.7 miles
4. Turn right onto WA-19 / Beaver Valley Rd 9.1 miles
5. Turn right onto Chimacum Rd 1.6 miles
6. Bear right onto WA-116 / Oak Bay Rd 0.9 miles
7. Turn left to stay on WA-116 / Flagler Rd 7.9 miles
8. Keep straight onto Flagler Rd 0.6 miles
9. Turn left onto Park Dr 0.7 miles
10. Arrive at Park Dr on the right 0 miles

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