Event Preregistration is a tool for various officials at Legacies to plan for the attendance of event. It allows the Owners to estimate the event cost, as most event sites charge on a per attendee basis. It allows Plot to plan their storylines and encounters for the event taking into account the number of players, and specific players if their story lines rely on certain characters being in play. It also allows Logistics to estimate how many new and existing players will be at event and staff the logistics table appropriate to the expected demand. Finally it allows other players to see which of their peers is attending the event.

As Event Preregistration is very helpful to Legacies, existing players will recieve a $5 discount off of the Event Fee in order to encourage their participation. First Time Players and Plot Referees do not recieve this $5 discount as they already enjoy a discounted Event Fee, however they are all strongly encouraged to Preregister. Plot may only employ three Dedicated NPCs per event unless given explicit permission from the Owners to increase this number; Dedicated NPCs are players that are not Plot Referees but have volunteered to work as NPCs for Plot for the entirety of an event. In exchange for working for Plot for the entire event Dedicated NPCs do not pay an event fee, recieve 200 Bribe and Blanket to apply to one of their characters (see Character Advancement in Chapter 2 of the rulebook for details on Bribe and Blanket). The first three players that Preregister are eligable to be Dedicated NPCs, and only players that Preregister may be Dedicated NPCs even if the three available slots are not filled after Preregistration has closed.

Event Preregistration closes midnight of Wednesday prior to an event. Players wishing to take advantage of the Preregistration discount or who wish to be Dedicated NPCs must Preregister prior to that point. Players must be registered users and logged into the website in order to Preregister and view the list of preregistered players. Players may registered other players who do not have consistent Internet access provided that they are logged in. In order to Pregister the player should fill out their name, or the name of the player they are preregistering for, and select their preregistration type (Existing Player, First Time Player, Plot Referee, Dedicated NPC). If a competing obligation comes up that prevents a Preregistered user from attending event the player may remove themselves (or the person they preregistered if other than themself) from the list by clicking the "Remove" link next to their name.

NOTE: Players under 18 years of age MUST bring a signed parental release waiver to each game they attend, until such time as they are 18 years of age or older. The minimum age of attendence is 16 years of age, without exception. They must also contact the Owners in advance of game to obtain the owner's permission to attend. No person under 16 years of age may attend, even with a parental waiver.

NOTE: Legacies only accepts cash payment at event. Players wishing to pay with a credit card contact the Owners at least three days prior to event and pay via PayPal. Personal checks are NOT accepted.

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