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Safety Referees

Safety Safety refs attend to all injuries and illnesses while at a game. Minor injuries will be treated onsite while players who sustain more serious injuries will be transported offsite to a medical facility for treatment. A Head of Safety is appointed by the Owners to serve as long as they and the Owners are willing. In addition to injuries the Head of Safety is also responsible for examining any thrown/missile weapon or exotic weapon phys reps (weapons that deviate from the traditional foam and latex over a rigid core design) to ensure that they are safe to be used. The Head of Safety may optionally appoint other Safety Referees to assist them should injuries happen at event. All members of Safety must, at a minimum, have extensive first aid treatment and be properly certified as such.

The Head of Safety and any Safety Referees they appoint receive a flat rate amount of bribe as compensation for each event they attend. Additionally, they will receive a flat rate amount of bribe as bonus should they have to deal with any medical situation that develops during the event.

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