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Immersion The Immersion Referees are tasked with creating an appealing physical environment for players to play in. Their primary responsibility is the decoration of common areas at an event site, such as the tavern and temple. The Immersion Referees are also charged with keeping Out of Game items such as food and drink wrappers out of public areas of play, discouraging Out of Game conversations in public areas, and making certain that players conform to the minimum physical representation requirements for props and the Racial makeup/costuming for their characters. The Immersion Referees have authority to discipline players for non-compliance.

The Head of Immersion is appointed by the Owners and serves as long as they and the Owners are willing. The Head of the Immersion Committee then appoint a number of players not exceeding ten percent of the average players per event to assist them as Immersion Referees. Immersion Referees are expected to attend at least 4 events during either the first or second half of the year they are serving, and need to be onsite by 4 pm.

Immersion Referees are compensated in a flat rate amount of bribe each event for their normal dutings and according to the bribe rates published on the website for projects outside of those normal duties. Immersion Referees do not recieve a cleanup assignment but rather are assigned to put away the communal area decorations at the end of an event. The Head of Immersion may be contacted at

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