Character Policies
The majority of character specific policies are set by Logistics and available on the Character Procedures page. All players are highly encouraged to be familiar with the content on the website and to watch the website for any announcements concerning updates.

Character Bullet
A character is said to sunder when they have died and have no remaining resurrections, or when they are successfully targeted by a Sunder ritual. A sundered character may no longer be played and the skill points for that character are lost. Sundered characters ma be brought back into play only through the use of the Reincarnation ritual, and only then if it is cast within one year of the character sundering. No special consideration is given for characters sundered as part of an intentional Plot storyline unless Plot has made arrangements with the Owners in advance. Players may not bring back a sundered character as the race Dhampari (a race of beings that have made deals to come back from the dead), unless the character sundered as a result of cheating on the part of another player and the Owners have given explicit approval.

New players will not have their characters sunder within their first three events. If they reach zero resurrections for their character they may continue to resurrect until their fourth event. Once they have reached their fourth event they will sunder as normal.

Further details on sundering are available in the rulebook

Character Bullet
Swapping between Characters at Event
Players may have multiple characters simultaneously tracked by Logistics in the character database, each with a seperate and independantly tracked pool of Skill Points, however a player may only play two of their characters during any given event. They can change from one character to another at almost any time with the exception that they cannot switch characters to avoid repercussions of active In Game events targetting their character. For example, if, as one of their characters a player robs the character of another player they may not immediately change into their second character to avoid being hunted down for their crime. Players are trusted to use their judgement on this, however if they have any question as to whether it is ok to switch or not they should ask a Referee or Owner

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