Game Atmosphere Policies
LARPs in general strive to maintain a certain atmosphere to lend to the illusion of the game world - the more consistent the scenery and props the more emmersive the game experience. The following policies have been put in place to lend to the development and maintenance of that illusion at Legacies.

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Racial Makeup
All players must meet the costuming requirements detailed in the rulebook for the race of their character. Good racial makeup substantially improves the game atmosphere and players are encouraged to be as elaborate as possible when representing the appearance of their character's race, but at the very least they must meet the requirements set forth in the rulebook. New players are given a three event grace period after making their character to meet these costuming requirements; existing players with new characters have a one event grace period. Following that grace period the player will no longer be allowed to use the racial abilities of their character and will not receive blanket (See "Suspension of Blanket" under "Disciplinary Actions") until such time as they meet the costuming requirements for their character's race.

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Anachronistic items are objects that do not fit into the high fantasy/pseudo-medieval atmosphere of Legacies (periodesque is often used to describe items that do fit within the atmosphere). Some anachronisms such as glasses, modern shoes or watches are acceptable; however players are urged to keep the number of anachronistic items to a minimum. A great deal of the success of Legacies rests on the atmosphere so any out of game items, such as coats and street clothes should be stashed out of sight. Players are encouraged to add to the atmosphere of the game whenever possible. Modern packaging, such as chip or cookie bags, must be kept out of view in public areas (i.e. areas outside of sleeping cabins, kitchen, or restrooms)

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Physical Representations (Phys Reps)
New players have three events to obtain basic garments for their characters. These garments do not need to be fancy but an attempt must be made to look periodesque (that is, consistent with the pseudo-medieval fantasy setting of the game). Prior to the fourth event new players may wear modern clothing but are encouraged to seek out established players or Plot and ask to borrow more appropriate garb. After a new player's third event they will no longer receive blanket (See "Suspension of Blanket" under "Disciplinary Actions") until they have obtained at least basic periodesque garb.

Existing players who have made new characters have one event to obtain Phys Reps for any item tags for that character, such as armor and weapons. During that event they may reap the benefit of any item tags without actually having a Phys Rep for the item, for example they may receive armor points for any armor item tags without actually having the armor Phys Reps. Weapon Phys Reps are the exception to this, as an actual Phys Rep is necessary to participate in combat with a weapon. After the one event grace period a player may not utilize an item tag without a Phys Rep for it; doing so is cheating.

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Light Sources
All personal light sources should be periodesque(conform to the atmosphere of the game environment) and have no dangerous open flames. Modern lights converted to look periodesque are acceptable, such as mounting a battery powered light within a lantern or using a Halloween prop torch. If a modern light is converted it should not have a focused beam of light as flashlights do, and the light should be muted to produce comparable intensity light to that of an oil lantern. Flashlights should only be used in out of game emergencies. Failure to do so may result in suspension of blanket (See "Suspension of Blanket" under "Disciplinary Actions").

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Periodesque Drinking Containers
In all public areas (i.e. areas outside of sleeping cabins, kitchen, or restrooms) players may only use Periodesque drinking vessels. Aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and other modern drink containers may not be used in the public game environment. Pewter or wood drinking vessels are ideal, however glass steins can be had at major retailers (Walmart, Kmart, Fred Meyer, etc) for as little as $1 a piece. Failure to do so may result in suspension of blanket (See "Suspension of Blanket" under "Disciplinary Actions").

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