Event Calendar

Below is a list of tentative dates and locations for upcoming events. Any changes regarding the date or location of an event will be posted on the front page of the website as well as in the Announcements Forum. Unless otherwise stated, the arrival time at event is 3:00 PM. Players may not be onsite, even in the parking lot, prior to the arrival time. Additionally, even if players arrive after the designated arrival time, if no owner is on site yet players must wait in the parking lot. This is because the administrators of the various event sites that Legacies uses requires the Owners to check in first, prior to players occupying the site.

NOTE: Players under 18 years of age MUST bring a signed parental release waiver to each game they attend, until such time as they are 18 years of age or older. The minimum age of attendence is 16 years of age, without exception. They must also contact the Owners in advance of game to obtain the owner's permission to attend. No person under 16 years of age may attend, even with a parental waiver.

Upcoming Events:
Start Date End DateLocationNotes
Fri Dec 27 2019 to Sun Dec 29 2019 Millersylvania State Park  
Fri Jan 24 2020 to Sun Jan 26 2020 Millersylvania State Park  

Event Fees

In order to pay for access to site facilities as well as additional organization expenses each player must pay an event fee. These fees are kept as low as possible; however if a player is unable to meet the event fee they may contact the Owners in advance of event to see if alternate arrangements can be made. If players have not contacted the Owners in advance of the event they should not show up to event expecting financial accomidations.

Legacies only accepts cash payment at event. Players wishing to pay with a credit card contact the Owners at least three days prior to event and pay via PayPal. Personal checks are NOT accepted.

Price per Event
First Time Player $25
Existing Players $45
Plot Referees\Dedicated NPCsNote Free
Note: Unless Plot recieves specific permission from the Owners, they may employ no more than three dedicated NPCs per event. Dedicated NPCs are Players that are not Plot Referees but have volunteered to work as NPCs for Plot for the entirety of an event. Dedicated NPCs MUST preregister.

Existing Players may save $5 off of the entry price by Preregistering their attendence at event. First Time Players and Plot Referees already enjoy a reduced event fee so are not eligable for the additional savings; however they are strongly encouraged to Preregister anyway. Preregistration allows the organization to plan for roughly the number of players who will be attending event, and additionally allows other players to see in advance who is will be at an event.
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