Players desiring to assist Legacies can donate needed items to the organization. The below lists outline items Legacies is currently soliciting for donation. Players wanting to donate unlisted items should contact the appropriate Legacies staff to ensure the item will be accepted. Players will be rewarded for their contributions according to the Bribe reward scale. Contact infromation for the appropriate committees seeking donations are listed in each section below. Players should direct comments or questions to the listed contact.

IMPORTANT: A player may not recieve bribe if they do not contact the appropriate committee prior to making the donation. This is to ensure donations are not unnecessarily duplicated by multiple people.

General Game Donations
Donations directed at the general needs of the game as a whole, rather than the needs of a specific Game Position Committee. Any questions or comments concerning the below items should be directioned to the Game Owners via the email address

Monetary Donations
Legacies will always welcome monetary donations to apply towards a variety of items including plot garb and phys reps, logistics supplies, site deposits, and other projects.

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Donations meant to assit Logistics in their effort to update and manage the database of characters, handle character production requests, and manage the event sign-in table at the beginning of each event. Any questions or comments concerning the below items should be directioned to the Head of Logstics via the email address

There are currently no Logistics donations being solicited at this time, though unsolicited donations are still appreciated. Please use the contact email above concerning unsolicited donations.

Donations meant to assit Plot in their effort to physically represent NPC characters, monsters, and locations/settings. Any questions or comments concerning the below items should be directioned to the Head of Plot via the email address

Cake Makeup - All
Cake makeup is the type we use the most. We can use fresh make up of any color.

Claws & Fist Boffers
Plot is in need of Claw boffers, latex is best but we'll take cloth boffers as well, just contact us first.

Eye Liner - Black
Eye liner is useful for more than just eyes! Black please!

Latex Weapons
We need more of everything. Simple and plain are best, more unique weapons are need but message us first.

Morph Suits
Black, White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Brown, or Grey, sizes LARGE and EXTRA LARGE

Rose Temporary Tattoos
Plot would like to be able to send out Gypsies! We need to be able to phys-rep the racial makeup. Temporary tattoos are great for that!

Spirit Gum
Plot is desperately out of Spirit Gum.

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Shared Game Environment
Shared Game Environment Donations
Donations meant to improve the common areas of game such as the tavern and temple, as well as garb/props to lend to new players. Any questions or comments concerning the below items should be directioned to the Head of Immersion via the email address

Shared Game Environment
Hanging lights
hanging fake fire *schonches*, The kind that are plunged in. $20-$40 each, usually available during Halloween.
*kevin cant spell*

Shared Game Environment
Period Tapestries. That are not blue.
We are looking for tapestries to hide all modern things in the play area, we have lots of blue ones.

Shared Game Environment
Salt lamps
any kind of salt lamp for the temple and tavern.

Shared Game Environment
Spare Garb/Weapons
We need pants/shirts/cloaks/vests in largish sizes and swords/daggers.

These will be used for new characters and players that have yet to get their gear in place.

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