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Here are just a couple things to keep in mind when making a new suggestion

Arrow Does it add something new and unique to the game? Duplicating a spell as an alchemical compound, or even a slight variation, just adds another ability name to remember but not a new ability.

Arrow Powerwise, does it fit well in the ability category that is being suggested. The rough heirarchy from powerful to least powerful is:

PC Racial
Skill, Spell, and Alchemy

There is some variability, Last Stand is really much more racial level in terms of power for example, but they should be the exceptions, rather than common. Likewise, a spell that negates a racial is crossing a boundry that we try to not cross (again, some exceptions exist)

Arrow Is this playable? Can we represent it well IG, will it lead to confusion when played (for example, the use of the ability is not readily apparent to other players, so they think you have just gone off the deep end with whatever you are doing), does it have some requirement that humans aren't good at tracking (for example, a 3 second cooldown, which humans suck at tracking), and that sort of thing

Arrow Does it make another ability more or less attractive? Sometimes an ability by itself is fine, but when used in conjunction with another is very overpowered. Other times the ability makes another ability seem more lame (for example, if there was a tracking skill then that aspect of Pack Sense just became less unique)

Arrow Does it fit well with existing conventions. For example, spell damage/healing right now either heals or deals 10, 50, or 100. Having a new spell that did 75 wouldn't fit well
Fri May 14, 2010 2:14 pm

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All requests to create a new character or make changes to existing characters is handled by emailing Logistics. When creating a new character or making significant changes to an existing character players should use the Character card maker. For more minor changes players may just describe the change that they wish to make, for example "I wish to spend 200 favor to buy Skill points, and use those skill points to buy 3 purchases of the Skill Reserve". The email should contain the player's name, and if it is an update to an existing character, the character name as it appears on the character card - Logistics may not be aware of which character a nick name goes to.

Players should also email Logistics with Character Production (Items the character is making with Skills such as Smith, Alchemist, or Spell Wright) for the upcoming month so that Logistics is able to make the Item Tags in advance. For example "I wish to use my 50 Smith production to make a standard crafted 1 handed weapon".

Production and Character Updates MUST be submitted no later than the Friday prior to the event in order to provide Logistics sufficient time to complete the request prior to event, unless Logistics has specifically announced a different policy for a specific event (for example, if events are only 2 weeks apart Logistics often allows submissions into the week of event).
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