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Real Name: Daniel Kawasaki

Rulebook 2020 v1.0: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-ddwGHWLb285AyznaeOaVd7zyx9iGqdN

Change Log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VWQM5QzYBNH9_WlCd9W9VyRIfaXEbdYs

Editor's Note: No drastic changes from the Draft (that wasn't previously noted) other than the reduced page count from race descriptions and game setting being directed to the website. The mid-year release will have more time to do a formatting and grammar pass through, and will get to the other 4 sample characters (I did the first one only for this release so far). Also the page numbers on the table of contents is probably wrong for a number of entries, but the page-links should still work (let me know if any aren't); I'll get the page numbers fixed later.

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Sat Jan 04, 2020 12:04 pm

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Real Name: David McMordie
Head of Rules
2020 Developer Notes

- Phased releases
With this release we're introducing the concept of phased rules releases. What this means is that there are a number of sections of this release that are not in their intended final state. PCs can work together, primarily using the research skill, to make advancements in various fields. This can take the form of improving existing abilities, as well as creating new ones.
Unfortunately open ended permanent changes to the rules are not possible. We don't want to lead people on or stonewall them when they're trying to research areas that we're not currently prepared to change.

Main areas of the rules currently open for advancement through in game research:
- Unlocking the further potential of grimaults
- Discovering new invocations, as well as modifying existing ones in minor ways.
- With the new resurrection system focused around the number of blackstones in the bag, there will be multiple opportunities to research ways to modify that number. There will also be various ways to interact with Anima that become available over time.

When researching, try to avoid becoming focused on producing a single desired result. Instead allow the research to direct you towards the things that can be changed. We do still want to hear the crazier ideas about what you want to do, but need to keep game balance and consistency in mind as well.

- New Res system/Anima/theurge tree
This is the biggest change this release, and it will have impacts all throughout the rest of the game system. Specifically it is intended to have a large impact on the difficulty and danger of combat.
This system is designed with the intent for more characters to go to spirit, but for less resurrections to result in a sunder.
Sundering isn't as much about random luck, and is instead a result of frequently going to spirit

The core of the new system is the resurrection currency, which is changing from the current 'resurrections' and 'permanent resurrections' to Anima and Permanent Anima. Anima is lost when you are resurrected, with more being lost if you blackstone. The more blackstones in the resurrection bag, the more Anima is lost. The number of blackstones in the bag is influenced by a number of factors, such as +1 for being a splintered res. It will start low, with few ways to modify the number, so that people can get used to the new system. Over time we will be introducing multiple ways to increase and decrease the number. This is one of the primary areas we're hoping to see PCs research.

Characters can go two over their Permanent Anima while they're at game. However, any Anima over your Permanent at the end of game is lost.

What this system is intended to do is create a PC resource pool of both Anima, and ways to reduce resurrection blackstones. This resource pool should be a good indicator to plot how well the PCs are handling the combat, which allows for better, tighter balance tuning.

The Theurge tree is being expanded slightly, making it a more approachable initial investment, while also allowing more specialization.

- PC Racials

Passive: 25 armour per purchase
Active: 30 seconds to fully repair armour

This is a full rework of the current version, which has a number of issues.
It provides a good baseline level of power for lower level PCs and NPC, while also synergizing well for high level ones that focus on armour.

The target has Double vala cost and Double damage taken
+1 blackstone on all bag pulls participated in
Cannot benefit from veil or ward vs sight
Lasts until end of game

Curse has gone through a lot of iterations over the years, changing as much as the game around it. While we wanted to keep the feel and flavour of the ability alive, we also accept that it's time to move away from it stopping all regeneration. This opens up a lot more options from Monsters and Plot to use Regeneration with the expectation that the PCs will need to figure out the method to stop it.

With the removal of stopping healing/regeneration we wanted to ensure it still felt similar to use.
There are 3 main uses of Curse we want to keep:
- You want to hit big annoying bosses with it, especially if they keep coming back
- It acts as a social threat, while not killing the character or ruining the game for that PC
- It allows for easier tracking/information gathering about its target

We feel that the new version accomplishes these goals, while not bypassing the more complex interactions with Regeneration. The additional blackstone in all pull-bags will most often affect resurrection, but can also cause issues for any divination, research project, ritual, or ward that they're part of. Since Curse can't be removed from a spirit, if you curse and then kill somebody, they're guaranteed to go through a resurrection with that extra blackstone.

We have our eye on this potentially being oppressive for PCs to deal with. If that is the case, I encourage in-game research into alternative removal methods.

Keeps its life+resilience use, which also removes Curse and Hex
While either performing a Resurrection or participating in a Resurrection, the character may expend uses of this ability to negate Anima loss.

Outside of pulling a whitestone on the resurrection, the spirit will always be taking 1 Anima loss, as that last point can't be soaked by the other participants.
This new version of Renewal is one of the only ways of preventing the loss of that Anima, making it very desired by anyone with either a weaker spirit, or needing to have a resurrection with an increased blackstone count.

- Grimaults
You are now required to spend 5 vala to be able to cast without a pre-amble for 1 minute.

Casting without a pre-amble, while allowing casting to be more effective in combat, has removed a lot of the flavour and character from spellcasting. With the requirement to spend Vala to gain the ability to cast without a pre-amble for a short period of time, we're intending to bring back people using their personal pre-ambles when they're outside of combat casting buffs or when casting the occasional spell in combat.

This change, along with the ability to spellstrike with the proxy in your grimault, is the start of our planned phased changes to grimaults. Over the next 6 months, PCs will be able to research how the magic of their grimault is changing. Allowing them to modify existing abilities and unlock new ones.

- Invocations
Hommonculus is being renamed to Soul Jar, and must now be used on a living target. This means it cannot be used after somebody has already had their body destroyed.

We're opening up some invocations, such as insight, bane, and malediction to Incanters. This is splitting the invocations into two tiers, with the higher tier requiring archon. This raises the value of being an incanter but not an archon, as well as allows for more options with invocations.
New higher or lower tier versions of existing invocations are great areas for the PCs to research. There are also multiple invocations related to the new resurrection system that we have planned to be available through research over the next few months.

- Spellcasting from body
You will no longer be allowed to cast extra spells you don't have the vala for, paying directly from max body. Instead you will need to take 1 minute of character specific RP to convert max body to vala, which can then be used as normal.
This is a small change that has the double effect of forcing people to be more aware of their vala totals when casting, as well as encouraging character specific RP that expands on the source of their magic.
This does not affect the fact blackstone rituals can pull the extra vala required from the participants max body.

- Armour repair
Repairing armour is now a base 5 minute count and requires a phys-repped repair tool or armour repair kit.
Using an armour kit reduces this count to 1 minute, but no longer provide a bonus to the armour they repair.
Master smith still halves both these timers
Armour kits are being reduced to 3 pp
Armourer spec metallurgist can repair in 30 seconds without using an armour repair kit.
If they use an armour repair kit, they get 150 bonus.

With requiring a consumable for faster armour repair, we're pushing to both slow down getting back into combat slightly, as well as resource drain of the town over time to be possible.
The cost of kits has been lowered, as we want them to be fairly common, but we also want to encourage people to step back from the front lines for longer than 30-60 seconds at times when a kit isn't worth it. As well, in long fights, or fights that PCs are not well prepared for, running out of armour kits becomes a possibility, which allows for smiths to run and grab their stockpile to be the heroes.

More expensive 'advanced' armour kits that provide a bonus to the armour repaired are something we have our eye on, and is an area that will be open to potential research by PCs at a later time.

Combined with the resurrection changes, which should see more resurrections done in combat, we hope that PCs are encouraged to setup and defend triage areas.

- Fatal Blow
New assassin skill
+100 to body damage weapon strike
Pre-reqs: Assassin, Cripple x1 and Stagger x1 cumulative

We're giving assassins back the ability to deal larger bursts of body damage. Intended to send most normal crunchies to dying. The Stalwart tree puts characters over the line of not being 1-shot by this.

- NPC Racials
These changes are geared to provide Monsters and Plot more tools to create interesting encounters.
Contingency and transformation changes alter how NPC cards can be written, allowing for more complex interactions.
Leadership codifies a mechanic we've had in play a few times, and provides more common direct incentive to PCs for taking down the leader of a group of NPCs.
Sat Jan 04, 2020 12:05 pm

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Real Name: Jeff Tabrum
Will this release be in effect for January game?
Mon Jan 06, 2020 10:54 am

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Real Name: David McMordie
Head of Rules
Mon Jan 06, 2020 10:56 am

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Real Name: Noah Tran
Appendix 1: Sample Characters list should be updated to reflect current skills.

Of note, the sample character Maizey Snarling (a Goblin) has to purchase Claws as a racial ability.
Wed Jan 08, 2020 4:59 pm

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Real Name: Daniel Kawasaki
They are getting updated, but was hoping people wouldn't notice yet Razz So good catch Wink
The first one was updated, but the other ones are coming soon (tm).
Wed Jan 08, 2020 8:18 pm

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Real Name: Daniel Kawasaki
Finalized v1.0 uploaded.
Thu Jan 23, 2020 1:04 am

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