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Real Name: Brent
Hello there,

My girlfriend and I are long term DnD players and lately she has been expressing a deep curiosity about larping. So here I am.

I was reading through the rule book and I have a bunch of questions. Is there is a Facebook or something where I can just chat with a veteran or an admin. If not here are a few.

1. How combat heavy is the game? Is their political intrigue? Social gatherings? Religions? Guilds/factions? Are some of the events more "social?"

2. I noticed in ther character creation there were crafting skills. How does that work?

3. (This may be a silly question) I saw a lot of combat stats. Are there any non combat stats? If I try to lie to them is there some sort of "roll" they have to make to see if I'm making a lie? Or is that sort of thing purely acting based?

Hope to hear from ya.
Thank you so much.
Thu Jul 25, 2019 9:09 am

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Real Name: James Fitzgerald
The shortest answer is: we have a FB group and a Discord server, Discord is more active. I will poke the admins to make sure they notice this post. (I'm sure they would anyway, but we chat a lot)

More specifically:

1 - I would say Combat vs. RP is fairly balanced, but mostly comes down to what you actively seek. The two big caveats here are that both, and combat especially, depend largely on the current plot team and what sort of stories they are trying to tell. LARPs are very social by nature, so you can get lots of RP with just other PCs, but our environment is PvE with very little PvP so combat relies on Plot and the NPC crew.

As to the rest of the subquestions under #1 - yes, although how much depends mostly on the PCs. As an example, our main in-game PC created Trandafir band is celebrating their anniversary this event, and will be hosting a dinner with all sorts of singing, dancing, fake drinking (no real alcohol allowed), etc.

2 - Crafting is almost 100% between game. You tell logistics what you want to make with your production and the tags are waiting for you when check in.

3 - Anything that can be done without rules is, so aside from production and skill uses there are no non-combat stats, since we can just roleplay the rest.

Hope that helps!
Thu Jul 25, 2019 11:42 am

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Real Name: Brent
Oh snap!
Can I get a link or some info to that discord. I'd love to jump on.
Thu Jul 25, 2019 2:12 pm

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Cosmos Riot
Real Name: Raymond Crisostomo
Owner Web Master Head of Logistics
Welcome! That was an oversight on my part for not having a discord link on the website yet. I'll fix that. In the meantime here is the link to our discord server:
Thu Jul 25, 2019 5:35 pm

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Real Name: Riley Savitzky
That being said, the crafting I have seen done at game is as follows:

Casters (arcanists, spellwrights [has one or more schools of magic but isn't a savant or arcanist], or savants who are spellwrights) "writing" spell scrolls (Inferno, blizzard, buffer, nullify, etc) at game where they already have the tag which they received from checking in and have to put it on a piece of paper -- though to my knowledge these are 4.5" x 5" pieces of paper with the caster's preamble on it and taping the tag to the newly drawn scroll physrep.

As a smith, your primary gig at game is to fix armor with a good chunk of your crafting being done between games as either part of a commission or independent project. In my case, I have 2 smith characters -- one who is part of the guard and another who is a freelance operative right now who will probably become a recurring character. I spend over half my time at game interacting with people and the other half plotting how to spend my production the subsequent month. With my two characters right now I am taking extra effort to make sure that the two characters have as few people in common as possible in their social circle. I.E: Arwyn will interact with the guard freely, but Taldyn will try to make new friends outside the guard.

Alchemists I've seen at game usually obtain vials and spend time putting tags into the vials at game in much a similar fashion (though some do this right after they check in but before they get into character.)

Incanters & archons, from what I observe, spend about 1/2 their time casting rituals at game and the other 1/2 planning how much vala to spend in between games to make scrolls with.

RP opportunities for all of the above-associated crafts I mentioned are fantastic in that you can spend as much time as you want to "learn" the craft, then when your instructor feels you're ready they'll sign off on it, leaving it to you to spend the SP to learn the thing once you've got the points.

If this weekend is to be your first game, welcome! Please drop by the discord and say hello for live feedback or questions.
Thu Jul 25, 2019 7:19 pm

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Real Name: Ahmed Al Awadhi
Hey! I'm pretty new myself, I've only been going a few months, and don't really have much to add beyond my own personal, and still brief experience. But, from what I've noticed there's a pretty great split between characters whose focuses are combat oriented, and characters whose focuses are sundry (crafting, resurrection, warding, lores etc). And there's a bunch of folks who do a bit of both. I personally have been wanting to do as much I as physically could; so I've doing some running around trying to help with some research and planning, some information gathering, some desperately trying to stab the things before they stab me, and some hangouts & chill.

When fights roll around, the non-combat characters tend to make sure they keep themselves safe, and the combat ones nearby leap into action... or amble into action as is often the case haha. And neither group is more important than the other. There's things that each end up doing that the others can't. I've been really lucky that when I joined, warding against something really weird was a pretty significant obstacle, but I was able to help with it and feel like I was able to make a positive difference. And I've been around in a lot of the fights and I feel like I've been generally helpful in those.
Mon Jul 29, 2019 1:35 am

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Real Name: Andrew Archer
Logistics Head of Safety
Hi there,

1. The balance between combat and RP is generally pretty good. Even when events are light on combat, it does still happen. I would always expect at least some fighting to happen. As for the rest, if you look for it you can almost always find what you want to get your character into.

Political intrigue does come up, but I feel like that is one you have to go and actively seek. (Since our game setting is sort of like the wild west frontier times if it was magic instead of guns.) There is always something social to do.

The level of social will depend on your character. I am a part of the Trandafir band James mentioned so every event is a time to hang out with a bunch of my friends and have that feel of being family. Build a social group, or join one, that fits what you as the player want your character to be in. Also, I generally suggest not starting off with the solo, loner type. I rarely see people have fun with that. However, if that is what you are into there is at least one player to show you where all the best corners to brood in are *cough* Kaji.

There are tons of religions. We have a wiki on that can explain some of them. Not everything that exists is there but the World team is constantly working on it and updating it. Also, if you have your own style of religion that you want to bring in you just have to talk to the world team. They will either guide you toward one we already have that is similar or help you fit your idea into the gameworld.

There are some guilds/factions but not quite to the level of what D&D does. Immediately accessible we have the Knights of Queen Anne's Watch (Nights Watch- started pretty similar to Game of Thrones watch but has since diverged significantly), The Alban Army, The town Guard, Various Merc companies, various merchant companies, so on and so forth. You can feel free to make up your own as well.

2. I think crafting has been covered pretty well for you already in this thread.

3. Unlike in D&D how convincing you are when you are doing something that isn't a mechanical effect in game is going to be based off how well you do it. If you try and tell someone a lie and do a terrible job of it they won't believe you. If you are smooth and awesome at it, the lie might work. There are a few social skills (Sense Deception, silver tongue, and a few monster racials) but for the most part in order to do it you have to do it. So as you said, it is mostly acting based.

My biggest piece of advice is to think about what you personally like to do and find a way to build your character around what you will have fun doing. I personally love the combat part of game so I built a heavy combat character. I have since branched out and found a lot of joy in other parts of the system, but at my core, I enjoy a good fight and I am pretty good at it. If you aren't super comfortable with combat there are dozens of people who will jump at the chance to work with you, help you feel more comfortable, and train you in a bunch of different styles of fighting. If you feel like casting magic will be more your speed there are so many different ways to take that as well. We have some characters that tend a bar. Others are the closest thing we have to doctors. There are a lot of directions you can go. Find the one that makes you happy and don't worry about "but what role does the town need me to fill?"

As Ahmed said earlier, they came in with a concept of a warder and just this last event my character, who has been around for years and is an extremely powerful fighter, had his ass saved because Ibnaar, who has been around for three months, is really creative about wards. There is no "you must be at least this high of a skill point character" in our game. You just need to figure out where you fit in and have fun. Sometimes that can be hard, but once you do it will just click for you.
Mon Jul 29, 2019 12:03 pm

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