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PostPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 2:00 pm    Post subject: June Event Safety Announcement Reply with quote

Posting this on Trevor's behalf:

**Safety Announcement**

So I come to you all today in an attempt to better the chance of everyone having a good game with little to no injuries. I am testing out a few ideas with the Safety Team this event and this announcement is one of them. Essentially I am hoping to get a quick reminder out to everyone prior to game with relevant safety tips in it. Without further ado here we go.

This weekend we find ourselves at Sun Lakes and with that comes a few warnings. First is that it will be very hot during the day and fairly cold at night. Deserts are cool that way. Because of this it is important to bring garb that is appropriate for both hot and cold. It is highly recommended to drink specifically regular water as hydration. Anything carbonated can actually have an adverse effect and cause dehydration to increase. So please don’t drink soda all event and energy drinks should be drank at a minimum. Sports drinks are fine but water truly is best. The chance of heat stroke is very minimal in reality but nevertheless we want to avoid a trip to the ER.

Sunscreen should be worn at all times. Makeup does not protect you from the sun! If you are wearing makeup put sunscreen on first otherwise when you wash it off you might find you actually burned yourself and didn’t realize it. I will try to keep spray sunscreen on me but it is best if you have your own.

The site is very pretty and has a lot of places to explore. Do so but be aware of tripping hazards as there are a lot of rocky places to fall. That said I hear the top of the mesa has a wonderful view so if you are feeling adventurous it’s a good place to go. Finally Sun Lakes is home to many animals including snakes. They do not come out often but we have seen them in the past. If you do see a snake do not by any means approach it. Find one of the Executive Officers, the Operations Manager, someone from Safety, or someone specifically trained to deal with animals and they will handle it.

That just about wraps up the site specific announcement, so on to the event announcement. Have you ever tried to track down a ref to check your weapons but can’t find one of us? Running around site just to find Archie already went to the opposite end of site that you just came from? Well good news! I, as Deputy Head of Safety, will be hanging out before and after game start to check weapons at the logistics check in. I will be there specifically to check weapons so no more tracking down safety refs. This does not mean you have to have me check weapons. You may definitely throw your bag of weapons at Archie or Aaron if you so wish. But this should make things easier for everyone.

As this is not a new concept but I personally am new at this I would love your feedback on this announcement whether it be good or bad. If you can think of anything to add to this let me know and I will try to incorporate it into the next one if possible. One final note, the Safety Team is in need of more members! If you have ever thought you wanted to help at game with safety apply now! Applications can be found on the forums and the discord so do that. Have a good weekend everyone and please stay safe.

Strength in the face of adversity is the foundation of virtue.

Discord: JubieMeg#8306
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