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Real Name: Kitiara Zettergren
Owner Head of Plot
As mentioned at closing this event, we now bring you a new Legacies Swag Store (as we've been calling it in concept. It will get a cool name soon) featured by Redbubble. Here you can buy cool legacies themed shirts, mugs, notebooks, tapestries, ect... We'll have a growing stock of options, since it's run by me I can take requests if you want anything specific, and since they also sell tapestries, it can be a good place to buy your cabin deco, or alternatively, tear apart the tapestries for Nightswatch favors or Permanent Symbols and Wards (Symbols and Wards coming soon). Of course, all proceeds outside of redbubble's cut will go to booking sights and improving game.
Check out what we have now!!

There will be a list available on the Discord Server soon displaying the concepts and suggestions we currently have lined up (I just know some of you want a Sunder Symbol Hoodie). In the effort to keep this forum more or less advertisement free, most communications about this store will be held on that Server along with coupon codes and new releases. If you have any questions or ideas, but really hate Facebook and Discord, feel free to PM here or email me, and we'll get you the perfect design for your everyday or at-game needs.

((and to prove that I'm not some super convincing sales-bot ~ HAIL SOVRAN!))
Sun May 26, 2019 7:12 pm

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Players should also email Logistics with Character Production (Items the character is making with Skills such as Smith, Alchemist, or Spell Wright) for the upcoming month so that Logistics is able to make the Item Tags in advance. For example "I wish to use my 50 Smith production to make a standard crafted 1 handed weapon".

Production and Character Updates MUST be submitted no later than the Friday prior to the event in order to provide Logistics sufficient time to complete the request prior to event, unless Logistics has specifically announced a different policy for a specific event (for example, if events are only 2 weeks apart Logistics often allows submissions into the week of event).
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