May 2019 -- Bandit King Calvin, House Alder, 1st of his Name
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Real Name: Elisa Talbot
Post what you've got!
Mon May 27, 2019 9:15 pm

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Real Name: Elisa Talbot
Caldwyn had an amazing event with several very unnecessary ego boosts. Not even death could ruin her day!

That said, Friday night she was living proof of why Alastriona always watches the doors. Back to the door while taking drink orders, attacked by ghasts, paralyzed and bleeding to death. I appreciate that people leapt up to defend her (& Percy for moving me into a more comfortable position sitting. My back needed that), but died laughing internally that no one thought her silence odd until almost too late.

So much good RP with Ibnar -- we'll fix your confidence issues yet!! Probably in part with many hugs because that's just what Caldwyn does second-best. Fire in all its forms is amazing and Caldwyn will prove it.

Major ego boosts:
1- On a list of "important people in town to know," second after the mayor.
2- "Rawr I'm a big scary barbarian!" actually worked!! The bandit dropped their weapon to back away slowly. Even Caldwyn was surprised about that.
3- Worked things out to officially give herself the title of "Tavernkeeper of the Crossroads." Blame Archie and the Gilded Thorn for giving her ideas.
4- Gave out a personalized autograph to a Fortnight-fangirl
5- Everyone present agreed Caldwyn the cheerful dragoon ="Fortnight's Incarnation of Cookies."

Lyra got the short end of the stick this event [as Caldwyn was having to much fun & didn't want to leave], but she had her "best" entrance yet. Decided to move my bedding IN GAME from my car to the Gilded Thorn cabin. Being so over-encumbered, Lyra thought to hold a protection potion in her teeth, ready to tilt up if needed. Made it safely to the porch, knocked on the door mumbling out her identification. The door opens and as she takes a step forward a shadowcat Assassinates her. So she falls dead through the doorway.
Best part? Apparently no one heard me outside, River just happened to be leaving at exactly that moment, so they had no idea how long I had been dead outside the door. Poor Lyra, it was not your night but I loved it~
Mon May 27, 2019 10:17 pm

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Real Name: James Fitzgerald
Good to be back.

Had a lot of fun, and my body held up better than I expected, so I will be back regularly.

A few fun moments from the NPC side:

Provoker/Assassin combo kill - I love it when a plan comes together

Lock smashing - stimulating the economy one destroy at a time

Double sanctuary - Come on PCs, we're not that scary

Kobold knee biter - If the only available target is your shin, I will keep crippling it

Bad spots for program life - I may be on my butt in a corner, but dammit I'm going to make you earn this kill
Thu May 30, 2019 10:55 am

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Real Name: Ahmed Al Awadhi
I had a lot of fun, my first event. Honestly I was rather worried things would be really cliquey and I wouldn't be able to interact with folks, but it turned out really well in that regard.

I'm really glad I knew some folks already, and the IG letters Ethyl gave Ibnaar were honestly incredible. It opened the door to a lot of conversations when the character didn't possess the self-confidence to open them up themself.

Speaking of which, I don't know if Ibnaar would have been able to approach Caldwyn otherwise and I'm very glad we had the opportunity to RP. Some of the conversations we had were definitely the highlight of the event for me. Ibnaar isn't used to hugs but very much appreciates them. I need to do more research on the nature of fire because my metaphors were reaching their limits! Though perhaps I won't, because Ibnaar has a very skewed understanding haha.

Honestly I imagined Ibnaar having a really slow progression towards a healthier mindset, but Caldwyn and Calvin were just "hop in loser, we're going to scrub out those toxic thoughts!"

Definitely key moment was getting interrupted moments before we finished the Wards Against Demons lesson. Ibnaar has Thoughts and Feelings about that. But maybe Bandit King Calvin can help?
Being gifted more than my total Vala pool meant I didn't have to burn though my whole body, which was pretty meaningful... cause Ibnaar would have done it.
Which was super significant because realising how Ibnaar reacts to Vala Fatigue was really interesting. That's definitely a thing to explore further because oof, toxic thoughts.
Realising, wait, I can help with this plot thing? The important people don't know this thing yet but I was there. And then realising, wait, I can continue helping, I have these lores that are relevant to making sure people don't die of magic cancer next event.
I got my first loot! I think I was the first one to make it to the bandit tents because when I searched it I got Masterwork Mixed Full Torso armour. I couldn't even read what the tag said until I got back to the tavern. I don't know what I'm going to do with it!

So what does Caldwyn do best?
Fri May 31, 2019 3:43 am

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Real Name: Elisa Talbot
Ibnaar wrote:
So what does Caldwyn do best?

Set things on Fire. :3

((Though I suppose I could be poetic and claim "She sets things ablaze, both enemies and the hearts of allies alike!" or something cheesy like that.))
Sun Jun 02, 2019 11:58 am

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