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Real Name: Adam Benkel
Post 'em
Sun Apr 21, 2019 7:43 pm

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Real Name: Adam Benkel
1st off.... Amazing end to a great plot reign.
Turning the corner at main mod and seeing the glowing masks, was amazing

Great RP between so many players, sometimes when the usual go to people aren't around, other players step up to fill the gap

Watching the epic fun of the 3 way split in the fight

Lessons on sunday morning were a lot of fun, especially when it is bolstered by NPCs to help.
Mon Apr 22, 2019 1:22 pm

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Spruce / Baron
Real Name: Jay Houppermans
Oh gosh, I have so many, but post-event exhaustion and work backlog is keeping me from sitting down to type them all.

Let's just say... so much character development. Next time you all see Baron, my boy's gonna be a heroic actor, rather than a bardic tactical retreat-er.

Also, literally lost my head... twice.

Finding out later that the other node was full of lazy "no, you kill it this time" casters was a thing.... I'm still salty
Tue Apr 23, 2019 7:18 pm

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Real Name: Nish Mohanakumar
People were told to purify a black unicorn...and people did it.
People were told to recover the Dreamstones...and people did it.
People were told how to fix the wall...and people did it.

Haha! Effective Fortnight has been revealed at the most opportune time! Julian might have needed to spend all day collecting Dreamstones, ritual hammers, and such, but it all worked out. And after a dramatic interaction with Rememberance that rewrote his conception of having a goal/dream, Julian has reached development! Thank you Leo, Julian couldn't have contacted Rememberance without you getting past your distaste for them. And for all the support, it's good to have someone on the same page.

Oh, and also Julian finally became an Incanter and gained all the Reserve I'd saved skill points for, but didn't spend until he could learn the skill. Hello +80 vala.

Julian needs to stop touching rocks, they always magically attach themselves and apply mirrored effects...is magic just another way to say these things are ferromagnetic and Julian's secretly a construct?

Julian declared his dreams into a wall to dry mortar...I really hope no one heard any of that. The magic mirror has Silence in it, just in case. Standing by Isaac and completing the wall showed a completion of an arc, and it'll be sad to watch him leave.

P.S. Please deliver all multi-coloured eggs to Julian...I could use some more fey-produced thingamajigs.
Thu May 02, 2019 9:20 pm

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