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PostPosted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 8:33 pm    Post subject: Magic Items & Immersion Help Request Reply with quote

A couple of quick announcements:

1) At the end of February event, I had announced that there was an issue with the magic item expiration month field in the database however the issue has been identified and affected far fewer items than I had believed. All affected individuals have been informed already of the error and it has been corrected. If you feel that your item has been affected as well and haven't already been contacted, please let me know and I can verify that your items have been double checked.

2) Our lovely Immersion folks are unable to make it to April event this year. They are still able to find a way to get the Immersion trailer to and from event, but we need some volunteers to take charge of receiving, unloading, setting up, and repacking of the immersion materials for April event. Volunteers for this effort will receive favor compensation as if they were an Immersion referee, and this will be their clean-up assignment for April event.
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