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PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:44 pm    Post subject: Logistics Update Reply with quote

Here are three new updates on logistics policies or procedures you should be aware of:

1) I have been wanting to allow for the option to pay online for event as well as pay with card at site. The issue we run into that has prevented us from doing this is that we don't have cell service at site to be able to process card payments. However, recently I have discovered that Square has a nifty offline mode that allows my device to securely store your payment information just until I get back within cell range and will process your event payments then. More information about Square's offline mode found on their website here: I don't have the ability to take payments at site quite ready yet but that is on its way. Cash is always acceptable to pay for event fee and I will announce as soon as card payments at site are available. Square also comes with the ability to create an online store, membership loyalty programs, and gift cards. If you would like to take part in these features in the future, you may opt in here: Which is just a page to collect names and emails.

The online store for Legacies is actually functioning right now so you could pay for event ahead of time right now, donate money, or purchase gift cards for other players if you wanted. Also would be helpful to send the gift card link to your loved ones so they know what you want for your birthday and holidays. Store address is:

The cut off for paying for event fee online is the Wednesday before event weekend by 5pm. This allows me to pull the funds ahead of time to be able to pay the park ranger after event.

If someone tries to purchase items you may notice a "taxes" portion at check out. This is a tax from Square. For the use of their services they charge 2.9% per transaction. If you are a returning player this adds $1.16 to your $40 fee, or $0.79 for new players on top of the $25. This will only be charged for paying for event fee or gift cards. The fee is not added onto monetary donations.

2) Donation Incentive! As you are all aware we have not had event since April which is a major bummer in a lot of ways. One of which is that Legacies has had no income for two months. This compiled with the snafu with site reservations means in order to get more site reservations we simply need more capital to put deposits down. So to incentivize monetary donations that go 100% to this cause, for the months of July and August the scaling rate for donating cash for Favor has been suspended. Any and all donations, no matter the amount, will be given 10 Favor per dollar. Normally, donations of $50 and above will only have the 8 Favor per dollar rate. To take advantage of this, please use the brand new Legacies online store to submit donations. Don't forget to attach a name to the donation so we may place the Favor on the appropriate profile.

3) The policy on receiving blanket on multiple characters is being updated. As it stands now, once you have two character slots (out of your total possible four) above 150 SP you must choose which character you want blanket on after each event. We now want to shift this so that 3rd and 4th character slots are still able to progress because most players always throw their blanket onto their main slot. So the new rule moving forward will be that of the two character slots you play at event, if one of them is below 150 SP, you will get blanket on both for the event. Of course, if both are above 150 SP you must decide which slot will receive the blanket. This does benefit the newer players who play more than one character a month, but this also allows older players who I know don't play multiple characters because their second slot is already above 150 sp so their 3rd and 4th slots are stuck at the 50 SP starting unless they boost with Favor.

This change was brought on because it seems odd that your 3rd and 4th slots rarely see progression because of the SP total of your two main slots. Plus, character burn out is something none of us want to experience so if we can create a policy that promotes making new characters so that you can take a break from your main character slot or play both an event and not feel like you are not going anywhere with your secondary slots then I support it.
I swear I will get around to finishing an updated version of the logistics policy manual soon so that these changes are reflected on there.
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