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PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 1:41 pm    Post subject: Lorebooks in the Summer release (and beyond!) Reply with quote

The rules team met last night, and we are in agreement that our current plan to remove Lore Books from the system is the correct one. Replicating the lore skill (or the Instill Expertise ritual) in an easy to produce, non-consumable item is mechanically unbalanced. So the plan of trading them back at 20 PP a piece (which is now the cost of a scry ritual...) remains. If you have a "special" lore book (one given in a plot line or other event of significance) work with Logistics to preserve the significance of the item

That's the short term plan. Going forward, over the next six months, we are going to work out how to incorporate the use of books into the system in a way where they don't just replicate the lore system. It isn't going to look like Lore Books today (they aren't going to be "skill store: lore" items). Our preference, if we can create a system that works for it, is to go with a model similar to what we have since adopted for Maps - if you have the phys rep you have the item - rather than tagging each book. Even if we do end up with a system that is based on item tags, they aren't going to look like the system we have now, so exchanging the items now isn't going to bite you in six months.
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