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Real Name: Hanspeter Ziegler
Safety World
Hello Legacies players!

As we move forward with creating exciting new content for the world of Legacies, the World Team thought it would jump start creativity by giving general information about the new countries we are introducing. This includes information about in setting country or at least its influences from our world.

We hope that you take a look at these and get ideas, ask questions, and be inspired for your new (or existing!) characters. We will work with all players to amend backstories if you feel new countries are more appropriate to your history.

If you have questions about specific topics, ask them in this thread or go to the Sub-reddit RelentlesslyContrary has so excellently setup and ask your question in the World Setting Information Master Thread (It will be easier to answer individual questions there).

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Real Name: Hanspeter Ziegler
Safety World

West Eurus

The part of the world you are most familiar with, containing all the battles and hardships you have fought. Bordered on the west by the Mari Magno and on the east by the Dragon Spine mountains, which divide the continent into west and east Eurus. Largely based on Europe, much as remained the same in terms of game setting information. Some notable new countries have been in and near to the Dragon Spine Moutnains.

Description: Based on Scandinavian countries, with a heavy nordic or viking influence. Cold and unforgiving as a land, but with a people of great inner spirit. Largely Barbarian, Human, and Canid.

Description: Shares many of the same influences as Nordehavn, but with a mystic undertone. Originally much larger, was taken over by Nordehavn. Currently the underdog in a fight to regain their country, but are holding out via stalemate in their last stronghold. Mostly Barbarian.

Description: Vaguely Irish/Scottish overtone and in the sphere of Alban influence. Strong Druidic traditions. Population is mostly Human, Barbarian, and Gael'braugh.

Description: Fragment of a once great empire and the nation which currently controls the land the game area is part of. An island nation with a strong navy and monarchy. England, in most respects. Mostly Human, Canid, Gael'braugh.

Description: A small sliver of land that no one is sure why anyone really wants, this area is ruled by Alba and contains the township of Fortnight and all game sites. The Goblin Wastes borders to the north, which is the source of (and occasional solution to) most of the problems that befall the playership. Racial population is a function of plot and how many players we have at a given time.

Description: To here them tell it, the Endrani homeland, with a traditional (for them) matriarchy. Males not treated very well, except as courtesy. Also home to the Gypsies. The two groups have some disagreement over the exact course of events that lead to this situation (often violently). Germany and Germanic culture.

Description: Nestled into the Dragon Spines and protected from all sides, Helvetia has some of the finest mercenary companies in the world. They have most recently branched out into banking and engineering, so as to sell you useful, futuristic, things and retain the profits. Largely politically neutral, Switzerland. Population is largely Human, allied with several clans of forward thinking and mechanically inclined Dverg that live in the mountains. Several Ogre clans of both great intelligence (which is saying something) and very great strength (which is really saying something) live here and are prized as mercenary soldiers.

Description: The French. Most recently in a protracted war with Alba. The countryside is lovely but currently somewhat desolate in places due to warfare. Have a certain cultural inclination for the arts that Alba just can't seem to match. They relish this as much as they can.

Description: Nation state of Ogre tribes, surrounding a central city administrated by Humans and Barbarians. Tribes of rather vicious Dverg live in the mountainous edges. The land is nasty and brutish, which contrasts well with the inhabitants. The site of religious festivals for Ogres who are into that sort of thing. Mostly a state because very, very few countries want to throw away the resources needed to take it or deal with a bunch of vindictive Ogres.

Description: Densely Forested, leaning towards tropical in the east, Vedia is composed of many mongrel (and Canid/Felinae) sub-territories with a varying understanding and worship of life and death. Central government is a grouping of tribe leaders.

Description: A collection of human states, highly assured of Human superiority over other races. While other races are not actively shunned, they must do a great deal more to achieve the same amount of recognition here. Well know for art, cultural enrichment, and forming lucrative trade deals for defense and profit. The Venetian States, just post unification.

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Real Name: Hanspeter Ziegler
Safety World

East Eurus
Bordered on the west by the Dragon Spines, in the east by the Xu Ocean, and in the south by the Oceanum Orientalis, East Eurus comprises very few countries and for good political reason. Shalkara has taken and held its borders, guarding them jealously. The politics of the situation are often incomprehensible to outsiders, but it is a delicate balance of political intrigues, honor, spirituality, and will.

Description: Vast and all encompassing, boasting forests and rivers to the south, and flat grasslands in the north. Consisting of centers of culture and learning in the south, with many small villages dotting the landscape going further north. Merchants make a fine trade crisscrossing most of the continent, bringing goods, services, and news to far flung places as they travel. The people are highly spiritual and often have a reverence for the spirits of things and places, in addition to the gods. Many races can be found among the far villages or travelling to cultural centers. Half-races are not often native.

Description: Once an empire that encompassed everything east of the Yinse Long river, they were pushed back to their current peninsula due to protracted war with Shalkara. During the course of this war, women became the dominate force in mercantilism and property ownership, creating a proper matriarchy. Unlike in Doomstadt, males are not subservient and are well treated. Their religious traditions involve more mysticism and focus on enlightenment. Half-races are not often native.

Description: The background of Silla is somewhat shrouded in confusion. Originally its own nation, it was subsumed at some point in the far past and has only recently come back under its own rule due to a complex series of happenstances regarding trade wars between Shalkara, Angkar, and Nippon. Silla has a high population of Dragoons and is considered by some to be their homeland. It posesses deep valleys and forests, overgrown ruins, and a sense of forgotten past. Nippon is very protective of Silla and has recently taken steps to ensure their independence. Has some Korean influences.

Description: A collection of islands and archipelagos in the east, Sanfoch'i is perhaps the reminder of what haunts most of the rest of East Eurus. It was colonized primarily by the "impure" half races and those that were politically inconvenient cast off from the rest of the continent, including half Ogres, Orcs, Goblins, Fae, and Paleteth. Despite this dark beginning, they have formed a very free and open society providing haven to those that seek it. The people there often make light of their past and are self sufficient, participating in trade, but more than willing to let the other nation see to their own political slights and struggles with each other.

Description: The Land of the Sun, having always existed and will always exist. Ruled by an emperor, the land is very traditional, keeping to honor and understanding. If not for the political intrigue, matters of science, arts, and state might even be solved altogether. Based on feudal Japan.

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Real Name: Hanspeter Ziegler
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The Coda, also called the Dragon's Tail, is a peninsula of land that follows the Dragon Spine mountains into the sea. The countries here rely on trade between themselves on the Beryllian Gulf, which the Coda partially encircles.

Description: A desert nation which is unique in its mono-theism. The country is ruled by a representative prophet that speaks for a singular god. This prophet in antiquity lead the people of Sassania into the desert and found a great ruined city, which is now the capitol. Other gods and worship is tolerated but not officially endorsed. The ruins attract academics and fortune seeker of all sorts, but are jealously guarded by ruling authorities.

Description: A former colony of Thracia that gained independence. It has a strong navy and depends on it for protection. Has engaged in protracted navel warfare with Malay and Alba at times. Maintains strong trade ties with the world and as the most amicable relationship with Mellite. Based on Spain.

Description: Once a small nation, Nabotaea has been defined by the river system (eventually dredged into a channel) that connects the two major oceans. This major waterway has made it attractive for conquest by any other colonial power. After being repeatedly taken over and may wars, the powers decided to cooperate sharing the land to the potential detriment of the native peoples.

Description: A former colony of Uthmanli, abandoned when the empire began to contract. Mostly consisting of flat grasslands in the west and mountainous and forested terrain. Home to humans and a great Gael'bragh excalve that deals in horticulture. Ghassania depends on trade for most of its revenue. Its port cities are giant markets, where one is able to find almost any item imaginable. Then once night falls, market stalls disappear, to be replaced by more of different sorts. Dance and music are an important part of the culture.

Description: A desert nation ruled by a caliphate, Uthmanli is an empire that is a shell of its former self. Once encompassing much of the Coda, it has over time decayed and tries to hold to its former glory. Uthmanli holds to no significant navy, instead relying on ground forces. They worship the Triune, a set of three gods that, represent war, home, and commerce.

Description: Saimonia is an extremely mountainous region ruled by a collective of city states. These states are often at war with one another, but unite to defeat external threats, only to return to internal squabbling afterward. Mainly a land of Humans, Barbarians, and Dverg, the landscape is harsh and unforgiving, offering up very little in the way of food and trade goods.

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Real Name: Hanspeter Ziegler
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Real Name: Hanspeter Ziegler
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Description: Homeland to the Gael'bragh, Sylvanator is a densely forested country with pockets of civilization dotted throughout. The deeper parts of the woods and general interior of the country, essentially anywhere other than cities and the sparse roads remain mostly unmapped and potentially border on the Fae Wilds. Rumor has it that temples and shrines exist deep under the leaves. Foreigners are barred from travel in the country and may only live or trade in the capitol port city of Myn'traval.

Description: Originally a much larger country that encompassed modern day Subir and Scythia, Laponia was a home for the half-fae which appeared in Sylvanator. Pushed back to its current borders by a protracted war with Ruslav, the half-fae called on their ancestors to halt the advance, and the southern border still bears the scars of the devastation. It is a cold land, with boreal forests and a variety of strange traditions. Scandinavian influences by way of old folklore.

Description: Once part of Laponia, Subir is a land of rolling hills and pastures, ideal for farming and herding. After being taken by Ruslav in conflict, Sylvanator helped to build rebellion in the region, desiring a border state against future incursion of Ruslav. If Paleteth could be said to have a homeland, it would be here, if only because of the acceptance they would find among the Gael'bragh, humans, and canids here.

Description: Once part of Laponia, a subset of Canid and Barbarians whom were displaced by the creation of Laponia helped Ruslav to conquer the area in an event dubbed the "Cold Rebellion". After Ruslav refocused to war in the east, Scythia asserted its independence, though it is poorer than it's neighbor, Subir. A number of mining operations exist in the highlands.

Description: Populated by a surprisingly civilized empire of cohabiting Goblins and Humans, Ruslav is cold and full of inhospitable snow drifts. Despite this, cold cities flourish in the tundra, giving way to grass and fields along the south coast. The borders are ill defined, particularly with Osterland, with whom they have an old land rivalry. Russian culture, before the modern era.

Description: Originally having more control over the coast of what is now Ruslav, Osterland is a land of Barbarians, Ursine-mongrels, and civilized Orcs. They have maintained a strong way of life with farming and trade, despite incursion from Ruslav on their ancestral territory. The people groups have long standing alliances between themselves a depend on each other for their way of life. The frontier between Ruslav and Osterland is ill defined, and various tribes migrate into disputed territory often. East European countries.

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Real Name: Hanspeter Ziegler
Safety World

Island Nations
A number of nations exist with islands or archipelagos separate from individual continents, often having their own cultures and practices that are not reflected in nearby nations.

Islas del Sol
Description: The Islas del Sol is a tropical archipelago situated in the Mari Magno, between Ruslav in the north and by Damascus in the south. Each island is under its own rule (where formal colonies lie) and come together to form a council which lays down laws that are held to by the inhabitants. Many coves and islands remain unknown or uninhabited by the outside world, providing easy places for pirates and privateers to hide. A large number of Gypsy bands are situated here, alongside other Humans, Barbarians, and Gael'braugh. An outpost of sunbaked and reclusive Telgranis live on some of the western-most islands, studying the great storm, Terra Ore. At least one group of Felinae sail between the islands as privateers, making home on the various beaches. Derived from the Caribbean and other topic locales.

Description: Small but powerful, Melite was once alternatingly under the control of Hispalis, Uthmanli, and Malay, alongside other strong navel powers. It is now its own nation, though retains close ties with Hispalis. It is situated at the mouth of the Beryllian Gulf, between Hispalis and Abruzzio. Know primarily for its navel focus, Melite has strong sea fortifications, large shipyards, and one of the greatest navel academies in the world. The power of Melite is in its people and knowledge, so much so that should other nations violate their sovereignty, they will take their secrets to the grave. These secrets of shipbuilding do not leave Melite, period, but other information and training may be freely bartered for. If it is about something on, in, or around the sea, the Academy will know of it.

Description: Situated at the mouth of the Cyrnosian Sea, this island nation holds a modern stranglehold on trade into and out of the sea. The island of Cyrnos has been taken over time and again by countries and empires. It is home to the largest Endrani exclave on Gaia, though this colony considers itself separate and slightly more pragmatic than those in Doomstadt and have existed since the before gold changed the political and social landscape in that country. They see themselves as culturally durable and this persistence gives them a great deal of pride, in many ways being a time-capsule of a much older version of Doomstadt. Slavery is still practiced here, but in the Thracean fashion. While Endrani have strong political presence, they do not rule the island, instead sharing these duties with a merchant council.

Description: Situated far across the Oceanum Orientalis from other nations in the far south east, Millmeran is almost a world apart. Filled with peoples that have been left here by failed colony attempts and foolhardy adventures, there are also some hardy Barbarian, Canid, Felinae, and Mongrel native inhabitants. A number of impressive natural resources exist here, mostly medicinals that have difficulty surviving the long trip home. Some trade exists with Sanfoch'i and occasional trans-oceanic voyages, but it is otherwise isolated. The land is harsh, with native flora and fauna that are as beautiful as they are deadly. Strong correlations with Australia and New Zealand.
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Real Name: Hanspeter Ziegler
Safety World

Only one continent to go.

Please comment and as questions as you like.
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Real Name: Nigel Hamm
Meridia is just a picture with no information like the outhers.
Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:37 am

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Real Name: Stephanie Harris
Skywind wrote:
Meridia is just a picture with no information like the outhers.

Hans did mention that there was one continent left to go....
Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:13 am

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Real Name: Cass Gryphon
I was curious what if any nations of Terra might pull inspiration from places like the arid regions south and/or east of the Mediterranean. Do we have an approximation for Mesopotamia, Persia, Arabia, Libya, or Algeria? I think Damascus encapsulates a kind of Egypt inspired lore. Does it or its neighbors share any loose connections with any of those other real world places?

Happy holidays!
Sun Dec 23, 2018 2:09 pm

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