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PostPosted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 9:26 am    Post subject: Winter 2018 rules pre-Announcement Reply with quote

The next iteration of the rules is on track for release following January event. It does not contain anything as drastic as completely redoing the item enchantment system, so should be less disruptive to everyone. However, it contains A TON of smaller changes and short of last Spring's release it is easily the largest release since we re-worked the rules a couple years back. There is nothing that will preclude people from playing the same characters and concepts that they have today, but I suspect most people will want to make at least some tweaks to their character card, and probably some people will look at changes and be tempted to play something different because of the improvements we are making in certain areas.

Given the rules team's experience last event, where because we are enmeshed in the new rules we kept getting confused at what the current rules were ("how does black solaris work? I mean, I know how it is going to work, but how does it work today" - question every one of us asked each other last game. Spoiler, black Solaris is changing for the better), we will wait until event is done to talk about what is changing. I will be leaving game Sunday, and will have the new rulebook and change list uploaded available Monday the 1st before you all are done with cleanup. That means you will be able to download the rulebook and swamp the rules team at Afters with questions and complaints while I am blissfully hiking with my family.

While the magnitude of the changes are individually quite manageable, as repeatedly mentioned, they are numerous. To that end we are going to have a couple of online presentations to walk people through the changes. These will occur AFTER the release of the rulebook, unlike last time, and are primarily a courtesy for people who are going to see the bloody wall of text in the change list for this release and want something a bit more approachable.

The two sessions will be:

Tuesday, Jan 2nd @ 8pm (link forthcoming)

Friday, Jan 5th @ 8pm (link forthcoming)

If you look through the rules that I post on Monday Jan 1st and have questions, and can make it to one of the sessions, it would be easier for us to answer the questions live rather than on the forums. The poor rules team has been living on the forums getting things hammered out the past couple of weeks and I suspect would love to have a bit of a break from them (tangential reminder - while incomplete, is a lot nicer than the old dated website, so if you are going to live on the forum do it there)

This rules change coincides with the Plot team rewrites, so Ray is already going to be a little swamped. As with the last change, please limit your rewrites for the first event for the characters you intend to play in January
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