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PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:23 am    Post subject: Who to Play December talking points Reply with quote

I am terrible at forums and triple bad at IG Roleplay on the forums so I am going to summarize some thoughts I have that might impact your choice of what character you'd like to play for December. Feel free to chime in with more!

These are based on stuff Charlotte learned in game this last event and stuff.

Mortimus explained a thing or two about Ravenna's psychology while we were sharing a brain. I believe what he was saying to a certain extent in this specific regard because it plays to his advantage to have us better able to predict and counter her behavior. He explained that when under pressure, she gets more predictable. She is likely to follow the events we have seen with big swings, predictable swings. She'll be more likely to make a mistake but what she'll view as a clever ploy will be instead the exact sort of nonsense you'd expect out of a necromancer with conquest on the brain and a huge army.

With that in mind, I expect her to take some of the following moves: I bet she rearranges her forces to utterly isolate us as much as undeadily possible, and then tries to obliterate us, first with a big "HOW DARE YOU OUCH MY GOOD MONSTER" smash strike, and then with some divide and conquer fiddling when the big smash doesn't do the trick.

I also expect her to use Sarah Appletree to mess with us, distract us, or play chasey games.

And I expect she will combine infiltrators with efforts to suborn the community and turn us against each other.

With all of that in mind: Do you feel like betraying the town to our enemies? This is a GREAT opportunity for playing that character for days on end! Hope you live through it! Smile

Alternately, think about if any of these predictions make you think "That's the kind of nonsense my character would be hip-deep in". If you have a character who is really about out-foxing the enemy, this might be a great opening. If you have someone who wants to smash the bejeebus out of some undead, you are guaranteed to have that opportunity I reckon.

Now, second potential set of considerations:

From Ravenna we've mostly seen straightforward monsters BUT she has a way of getting her hands on sensitive information and making large methodical steps to counteract what we think is going to be a good idea. As much as Mort offers us the chance to be able to predict HER, maybe that's not it at all. Maybe she's going to anticipate US instead, and rather than do the more obvious "Isolate and destroy Fortnight before they kill me" maneuver, she will instead do something really elaborate and unexpected and be like "Ah hah! You thought you were dissing me by breaking my dragon when in fact that was all a distraction to get Free-Mortimus away from you so that Bound-Mortimus can own your faces while I set off this volcano!" or something like that. She -could- do it.

That possibility suggests that you're going to want your Lore-horse instead of your War-horse.

So it comes down to that kind of calculation, really: do you think Ravenna is outsmarting her grandpa? Or do you think he is outsmarting her?

Unless you're an armorer. If you have an armorer, you should probably play that. Strag! Come back!! Arwen's great but she's only one person!

Anyhow, this is all the kind of haphazard in game reasoning you might wish to apply to your decision making process for which character to choose for December. I encourage other people to throw out their own thoughts on the matter or to hash it out on the forums as well.

Out of game, If I were playing two characters habitually at this point, I would choose my Saturday evening character for the full 4 day run, rather than the Friday night/Saturday morning one, because I think of this as a longer version of "the activity this character won't want to miss will be on Saturday night" whereas the thing you don't want to miss will be the entire thing.

I wouldn't worry too much about whether you'd feel like you were missing out on a production opportunity if you don't play the productionist character for this event.. it is just the one time thing, and you shouldn't feel economically compressed into playing a character for several days that you normally don't give much time. Just assume that Plot will find some way to make this all wildly profitable for whoever lives through it, or that the missing out on outfitter income will be trivial in comparison to how awesome a time you had. Maybe the production character is your main bag, but if not - I won't worry too much. This'll probably be super awesome.

Alternate plan, alternate set of calculations: Pick the character you least mind LOSING FOREVER! She means business, guys! (This is a joke)(Mostly a joke)(Or is it?)
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Head of Plot - Head of Plot
World - World/Character Ref

PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


not Sarah Appletree. Sarah Appletree was on MY plot reign, I mean the lich lady who was all "Hey undead folks, blend in and act casual, it's fine - you can be a pal to humanity and infiltrate all levels of government and that won't turn out badly, swears."

We fought and killed her on Friday, and thought we got her phylactery as well - the bracelet. But that is NOT her phylactery, that's some other super-chump lich's phylactery that she keeps as a misdirection.

She is a former apprentice of Morts and is the one who helped invent the sunder gate and helped design and build this version of it under Ravenna's control.

She is also spying on us right now.

I've told this to a half dozen people but none of them remembered her proper surname until Emily Ziegler reminded me this morning, so Yay Emily!!
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

((At first I thought "Appletree" was a snazzy nickname you gave Sarah Miller & was curious as to how that came about...))
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