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PostPosted: Sun Aug 06, 2017 7:03 pm    Post subject: The Calling of the Banners Reply with quote

Hello volunteers! You all have worked your way north to join the forces of Baron Walther Hulse in the defense of the Barony of Drakenvelt. Mountain Vigil itself bustles with wartime activity, and the only Baronial Guards you see are always running. One can often see Endrani guards dressed in armor very like Connor's atop the walls of Mountain Vigil's north gate.

Before you head north you are all gathered before the gate and addressed by a knight.
"People of Fortnight, your post will be Oasis Gulch. It it three days of rough travel north of this wall. As we speak the Baron's men and the bannermen of Baneford fight to secure this place for you to hold. Once Oasis Gulch has been cleared the main force will continue north to the pass through the bluffs to hold that position. Your job at Oasis Gulch will be to hold the side passes so nothing can attack the rear of the main force.

Beyond this wall you are at war, and are officially under the command of the baron and his men. Your chief liaison with the baron is your own Sir Anthony Oswald, but if a baronial officer orders you to do something, you will follow orders. Each of you will receive armbands that correspond to your general abilities. These are to let baronial officers know who can do what when they need to recruit for specific missions. Our goal is to drive this horde from our doorstep, and break their moral to send them back where they came from, so we can all do the same."

After this brief speech you are sent through the gate, with Anthony and a couple baronial guards leading the way.
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