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Drunken soldier
Real Name: Justin mosher
what was the land of skollar based off of so i can be a better character and roleplay better?
Tue Apr 04, 2017 4:45 pm

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J Mo
Real Name: Jonathan Moss
Skollar was basically burned to the ground, save for a small swatch along the grey coasts. It was a rebellious portion of the Dwarven - sorry, Dvewhatever - country that was rightfully brought back to heel many years ago. Think American civil war, but with vikings.
Tue Apr 04, 2017 5:01 pm

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Real Name: Anna McDermott
That's not especially accurate, sorry Jonathan.

Skollar had a unique identity. It had strong nordic overtones, but was a centralized and fortified monarchy composed of human, barbarian, some half-fae and mongrel races, paleteth - a very mixed bag. It stood for hundreds of years in cycles of increasingly and decreasingly centralized power, with the Thanes (noble leaders of land areas) having more or less power at any given time.

Within the last few decades there was a great deal of upheavel when the mad king was slain by his recalcitrant son, leaving the kingdom in the hand of his own younger daughter, grandaughter of the previous (and as stated, mad) king. She supported decentralized power and gave more independence to the thanes under her administration, which caused the country to become less stable and conflicts to arise outside the auspices of her control.

A movement tried to place the ELDER daughter on the throne. She'd gone off hunting for her dad, the killer of the old king, and had been gone a while, and her return provoked a great deal of unrest and dispute. She supported a more centralized government. In the end a compramise was reached to avert a full scale civil war, but only sort of.

Meanwhile, Nordehavn was getting riled up and unified with big plans to expand westward. Normally not a single unified country so much as an affiliated body of city states, they nevertheless can come together underneath a single battle leader, and had done so with expansion in mind. Skollar represented a barrier by allegiance to such expansion, and so was targeted first.

During this period, Nordehavn took advantage of the decentralized structure, a bit of infiltration, and a lot of clever thinking to drive wedges between some of the thanes and the crown in Skollar, then played a long game of divide and conquer. While some places were directly attacked and assaulted, others were simply incorporated into Nordehavn in a more or less peaceful fashion: follow OUR version of polite nieghborly behavior, and be a thane COMPLETELY independant of oversight outside the bounds of any monarchy, to which an assortment of independants in Skollar readily enough agreed - whether to avoid bloodshed or because it worked to their advantage or both.

Recalcitrant regions were straight up sacked and more agreeable thanes installed, and the loyalist Skollarians began fleeing areas of the country until they were packed cheek-by-jowel into the last redoubt of Skollarian independence, a place called the Grey Coasts previous, which you could now consider the whole of current modern Skollar.

The reason this place was neither assaulted nor conquered is that it is extremely heavily occupied by a Skollarian tradition of divination experts, the Grey Witches. They were super on the ball about knowing when or where they'd be attacked and it's a whole lot more trouble than it's worth, meaning that while overpopulated with former loyalists and refugees, they're fairly secure in their borders.

Meanwhile, the rest of the lands of former Skollar are incorporated as independent areas of Nordehavn, which isn't hugely different on the day to day level, it just lacks that centralized authority of the old monarchy there, which was steadily declining in any event.

Skollarians are particularly notable for a deep and abiding hatred towards all forms of necromancy, to the extreme that when travelers from the country originally arrived in Alban lands, they considered resurrection to be a sin equivalent to raising a person as undead. While willing to adapt to more Alban modes on this matter, the anti-undead animus in Skollar was incredibly strong, and they had a long history of wars in their homeland with large forces of undead, likely driven by proximity to the northwest boundaries of the wastes.
Tue Apr 04, 2017 10:43 pm

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