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Cosmos Riot
Real Name: Raymond Crisostomo
Owner Web Master Head of Logistics
Greetings everyone! It is my pleasure to finally announce the official reopening date for Legacies LARP! Our first event back will be this upcoming July 23 - 25, 2021 at Middlegrounds LARP site.

*pause for applause*

It has been a very long time and we've all been through a tough year but we can finally start holding events again thanks to the increased availability of the Covid vaccine to Washington residents and new CDC guidelines allowing for fully vaccinated folks to resume normal interactions without masks or social distancing. So now that you have the date of course you might have some questions, hopefully I can get to answering most of them.

We will be requiring **ALL** players and staff in attendance be fully vaccinated prior to event weekend. This means it has been at least two full weeks since you received the full vaccination (single shot for J&J or the 2nd shot for Pfizer/Moderna). The ONLY exception to this rule will be if you are able to provide medical proof as to why you are unable to receive the vaccine signed off by a medical professional.

There will be staff stationed at the entrance to the Middlegrounds site that will intercept cars in the parking lot asking you to show completed vaccination cards for everyone in your car before you are able to leave your vehicles. We cannot stress enough how strict we must be about this rule to make the reopening safe for everyone. If you are to arrive on site and have not received a complete vaccination or do not have your completed vaccination card on you to serve as proof, you will be denied entry onto site.

With this vaccination requirement in mind, this means:
1) We do not need to social distance at event.
2) Masks are encouraged especially if you still have any hesitations about public gatherings but will not be a requirement.
3) We will not need any modified rules to limit touch casting or close combat between players.

This is all very exciting and we cannot wait to see you all again!

Now for a bit of the boring logistics parts, we ask that you please have patience with all our teams as we brush off the cobwebs and get everything started and up to speed. As of right now Logistics is open again and will be accepting emails for character updates, production, questions, rewrites, etc. I will take this time to remind everyone that all production is doubled for this first event back and if you have submitted any updates or production before today, please resubmit them or forward your email again to logistics AT just so I am reminded of everyone's requests.

Additionally, last May Plot offered bonus blanket to anyone interacting with plot by email or roleplaying on the Discord server at the camps. I will be getting a final list from Plot and have all that blanket assigned to player profiles by the end of this weekend so keep that in mind when requesting for your character sheets before this Sunday.

As most of you know, the pre-registration functionality on the current website is still disabled. If you would like to pre-register for July event you may visit There will be an option to simply declare your pre-registration for free and pay the day of event when you arrive, or you may prepay for event online which will also serve as your pre-registration. Remember that if you are paying or registering for other players to include their names in the Notes section at check-out. July event is not on the Square store right this moment but I will be making it available by the end of the night so keep an eye out for it.

Lastly to our Canadian players, we understand that the US-Canada border is still closed to all but essential travel and that the vaccination distribution is being handled differently. The last article I read said the border closure has been extended again until June 22. Since we cannot anticipate how long the border will remain closed, should it still be closed leading up to the first event back we will extend the double production rule to our Canadian players for the first event that they are able to rejoin us.

Well, this has been a long enough post so that is all I am throwing at you for now. You can expect updates from Plot and Logistics in the coming weeks as we finalize everything you need to know going into our first event back. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Plot, Logistics, or throw it into the appropriate support channel on the Discord server. We hope you are all as excited as we are, and we cannot wait to see you all again!
Thu May 27, 2021 6:21 pm

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