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Cosmos Riot
Real Name: Raymond Crisostomo
Owner Web Master Head of Logistics
Permanent Anima, previously known as Permanent Resurrections, has seen a handful changes in this recent rules update. I have two important announcements involving this mechanic from the Executive team.

1) Starting this year and moving forward, Permanent Anima loss will NOT be able to be recovered or healed in any way under any circumstance. Permanent will in fact be permanent. This change is to help emphasize the fact that our characters are strong in spirit compared to other citizens of Terra but not immortal. This should also help with further emphasizing the seriousness of a character being sundered and reincarnated or sacrificing Permanent Anima to fuel an extremely powerful cause which should in turn garner a suitably powerful outcome.

With this change, we have worked closely with the Monster team to verify that no creature currently in existence can deal Permanent Anima loss as an effect and we will be hard-pressed to find a creature that can justify that kind of power ever coming into existence in the future given this change.

So this leaves the only ways known to receive Permanent Anima loss is from Sundering and being Reincarnated, freely sacrificing it yourself, or tremendously failing an Archon level ritual. The last of those is subjective based on the adjudicating referee and is mostly only suitable in the case of a failed Sunder ritual.

All players should be aware, whether on Plot, EET, or Monsters, that anything you may be seeking for approval to be released in game that might also have the ability to deal Permanent Anima Loss will be met with heavy scrutiny and require solid justification moving forward so be preapred for this if you had such plans.

I'm sure most, if not all of you, currently with Permanent Anima loss immediately have questions which leads me into my second announcement.

2) We will be offering a hard reset of Permanent Anima loss to all characters in light of this change. The reasoning behind this offer is that we would like to encourage all players to get excited and start using the new Anima system that was just released. Additionally, we acknowledge that several players have been working toward reconstituting their souls for a considerable amount of time and do not wish to invalidate their efforts. Of course, this is with the understanding that any future Permanent Anima loss will be final and unable to be recovered by any means.

This Pernament Anima Loss reset is an offer that must be accepted and made known because some characters freely gave part of their soul and some wish to keep that part of their character's journey permanent. Players must email Logistics [ at ] and include in their monthly update that they wish to recover their lost Permanent Anima. This offer will only be available for a limited time so all players will have until March 31st, 2020 to make the decision if they want to keep their Permanent Anima Loss or it will be locked in and follow the new Anima rules. I will point out that this offer only extends to Permanent Anima that was lost before 2020. You cannot lose Permanent Anima between now and March and expect to get it back before the deadline.

If you have any further questions on this change feel free to ask them via email to Logistics @, on the forum below this announcement, or in the #logistics support channel on Discord.

The details of this change unfortunately did not make it into the currently released rulebook draft but the Executive team will work to get these details included for the final release.
Tue Jan 07, 2020 10:59 pm

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