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Head of Rules - Head of Rules

PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 8:33 am    Post subject: Summer 2019 Rules Release Reply with quote

Summer 2019 Rules Release

This is a log of the changes coming in the rules release this month.
The rulebook should be updated with the specific rules changes, and released within a week or two.

The primary over-arcing goal of these changes is to move the combat flow more towards player decisions. Allowing people affected by these effects the ability to back out of the fight, and away from single effects ending the fight on their own. Each of these effects should be a decision if it's worth spending a countermeasure on it, or whether it's better to step back from the fight for a few minutes to have it wear off/fixed.


1 - Wither
The target is unable to use damage dealing specialty strikes
Duration 1 minute

2 - Maim
The target chooses one healthy limb, that limb is crippled

3 - Corrosion
Deal 300 damage to armor then resilience. Does nothing to body

4 - Impairment
The target is unable to use resistance or redirection countermeasures, and programmed spells cannot trigger. In addition, all damage to the target now bypasses tolerence.
Duration 5 minutes

5 - Death

Wither was becoming overpowering in the hands of PCs, where it could shutdown entire types of NPC card. The new iteration will still shutdown large portions of NPC cards, but not cause them to be unable to react at all. It is however losing its ability to be removed by healing effects. We have our eye on this for being too weak, with the option of adding Duelist and Assassin strikes to what it prevents.

Maim is being moved from 3rd to 2nd level and reduced to a single limb. This is intended to cause more broken limbs in combat that are taken, and not immediately fixed, because being down 1 limb doesn't generally remove your ability to interact with an encounter. This will hopefully also provide more work for physicians, as a restoration for 1 limb can be seen as 'overkill' especially if there are more of them happening.

Shatter being removed makes item destruction almost the sole domain of duelists, and adds significant value to standard quality locks and other gear. For the effect of disabling a weapon of an NPC, maim's change allows it to fill that niche to a degree.

Corrosion is the one exception in the system of the resilience then armor order of damage. This is both by theme, and to give it a better system interaction with buffer/skirmisher. The effect here is intended to be balanced with Blizzard and Bind, both of which are far more detrimental to all but the heaviest armored characters. This also gives more tools for combating the extreme end of armor stacked characters, so that it isn't just negated with scourge.

Leech had a number of problems. While I think it was relatively balanced when it was actually cast, despite most of the time only being used for one of the 2 effects, the larger problems with it arise when it is used as an activate or spellstrike, especially back to back from items. This is on top of it un-intuitively not working at all as a potion/venom. Part of the intent of this change is to open up the possibility of giving PCs more access to spell strikes in the future.

Impairment is a new tool for PCs to bypass tolerance and physically tough enemies defenses, while still allowing them to fight back. It's also a more expensive than fading magic way to deal with problematic programs on downed enemies. PCs that are hit by this will want to either spend a countermeasure, or back off from the front lines for the duration, or until they can get an anull or fading magic. If your program would trigger, it doesn't go away, it just stays inactive on you until this spell wears off, at which point if the trigger is still valid, it goes off.

Black Solaris
Cost reduced to 2, was 3
Now reduces base damage to 5, was 10

Barely sees usage currently, this will increase its potency and decrease its cost. Looking for feedback on its usability in this state, specifically also the effectiveness of combining with the new wither effect.

Triple tap spell touch casting
All triple tap spells now require a 1-second delay between touch casting its 3 effects.

This is similar to the delay we currently have for touch casting vala storm.

Now works on all packet delivered alchemy in addition to its current effects.

This allows those specialized in shield use to get more use out of their aegis purchases, and stay on the front lines.

Sense Deception
Responses become:
No Deception

Removes the confusing half-truth middle ground, and more clearly indicates that it's detecting whether you're being deceptive, not just the literal truth of what you just said.

There are also a few minor wording changes that clarify the meaning of existing sections of the rules, such as teaching.
"Well, it didn't go as we'd planned, it was better, it went as the PCs planned" - Plot
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Head of Rules - Head of Rules

PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 2:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Updated version of the rulebook can be found here:
(edit: updated with below link)

On top of the gameplay changes detailed in the above post, there are minor wording and grammar updates, primarily in the sections for learning, warding, and cremation.
"Well, it didn't go as we'd planned, it was better, it went as the PCs planned" - Plot

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Rules - Rules

PostPosted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 4:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Something got missed (endrani makeup), so update coming tomorrow/dayafter. Will also fix that formating. So hold off on printing anything if you normally do something like that.
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Rules - Rules

PostPosted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 5:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Rulebook Summer 2019 v1.3

v1.2 - Added the Endrani makeup change. PDF file as DOCs don't like to keep their formatting when uploaded onto Google Drive.

v1.3 - two of the alchemy PP cost changes from Summer 2018 got missed in the rulebook.

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Cosmos Riot
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2019 11:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The rulebook link on the website has now been updated with v1.2 of the Summer 2019 hotfix release.
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