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PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 8:28 pm    Post subject: [Plot] A Sign on the Board at Fortnight Tavern Reply with quote

Printed in neat and even text and hung prominently on the wall near the wanted posters;

Our Dear Fortnight Friends,

Greetings and gratitude to you, worthy friends! We brother and sister Medjai will be undertaking another voyage of similar purpose to the last, with great assistance from our cousins the Knights of Queen Anne's Watch and the generous guidance of the Wastes Explorers Guild. With information we have gained from the hard work many of you yourselves have given, we have pointed on maps of your beautiful country the place of another important part of what we are trying to assemble.

Also we believe that this place is near the home range of some of the creatures which make alchemical substances required to make best use of what was uncovered in Rose Hill and retrieved through such hard work and personal valor by you and yours.

There is a village near to this, a place with great history but few dwellers today. It should be a good place to encamp while we hunt for the ingredients we require and the right place and means to dig. This small village has kept many names in the years that our cousins in the watch have known of it. Long ago it was Tiellan, and Caeriellan, but now it is marked as Caerllion. While it is within the boundaries of your Drackenvelt, it is still in a very remote place, and there may be many dangers on the path.

We brothers and sisters welcome the help and contributions of any who are interested in pursuing this matter with us, whether to aid in our own discoveries or seek knowledge and advantage on your own account. We aspire to be able to make all these works worth the effort you contribute towards our goal of arming our faraway people against war with the greatest of foes.

If you wish to join us on this voyage we will depart in about one month, near the end of your July, after doing more study and preparation here and elsewhere. While here we have found generous welcome on a vegetables farm on the outskirts your fine town here with a kind family called Auclair. We are eager to collaborate on any preparations you may wish to make or to study together for greater understanding, and can be found there.

With humble appreciation,

Medjai Lokatai Sister Oyakemi of Olu who you may know as Kemi
for Medjai Jarumi Uncle Obadimu of Nnuna and our beloved brothers and sisters.

After word,
Some demons are certainly following us around now, but they have not been too dangerous of ones so far. We apologize for this and hope to conclude matters swiftly.
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