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PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 11:44 am    Post subject: Winter 2019 Preview Reply with quote

You can download a PDF version of the Winter 2019 rulebook here. The game system is generally complete, but as with other releases I'd really appreciate if folks could send me errors and things that need clarification before I release the final version.

Generally this isn't a major release, and the change list is below. While not mechanically a large change, we did add a conceptually large addition to the game in the form of Boons. These are (mostly) Out of Game rewards similar to favor, but reserved to recognize substantial service. For example, serving on Plot isn't just giving up a couple hours at event to contribute to the game, but rather spending several months where the player spends there weekends not playing their characters for themselves, but rather showing up at game exclusively to build experiences for everyone else. That's a major commitment, usually coupled with a pretty substantial amount of between event planning and prep work - and its necessary for the game to work in its current incarnation. For years the owners have felt that it would be nice to reward service like that not just with favor, but also with something (mostly) exclusive to the players that contribute that service. What we struggled with was coming up with a good reward that wasn't either trivial, nor increased the power of their characters substantially.

What we arrived at were Boons, which provide buffs that the recognized player's character can apply TO OTHER CHARACTERS. Basically, the reward for helping improve the game for other players through out of game work, is helping improve the game for other players In Game as well. The Boons range from abilities that mostly already exist, but are always useful, to abilities that don't exist elsewhere in the game, but are situationally useful.

I kept qualifying it as "mostly" a reward for service. There are a couple of exceptions - each Plot team, at the end of their plot term, nominates a player/character that they would like to recieve a boon for 3 events. That could be for a player that was super helpful always NPCing, or a character that they thought really distinguished themselves during the plot reign (for example, from my last term on Plot, I'd have probably lobbied for Kiti to recieve it for her consistent roleplay with Isaac. A lot of people did a great job with that plot line, but she really stood out for doing so for every single event). Additionally, with owner approval, Plot teams may provide Boons In Game for specific circumstances (for example, if Jeff made a really good deal with a demon, Peregrine might be able to get a boon out of it for a limited period, naturally with some super unanticipated cost).

Outside of Boons the biggest change is that Weaponmaster is no longer the "I know all the weapons" skill, but rather a skill signifying talent with a particular weapon. Its possible to advance through the whole weapon master tree with proficiency in only a single weapon (or unarmed or claws), but that does mean that characters with weapon master now need to buy weapon proficiencies. Master of Arms is a new weapon familiarity that does exactly what weapon master used to do, so that option still exists. The other skills have all dropped in price for people that want to buy a la carte, and overall there have been some SP decreases that should free of skill points for martial characters.

Change List

- Explicitly clarified that Spirits may not be targeted by Sunder or Transmute Spirit (or Deathly Incarnation, but it’s writeup is in the Plot Manual)

- Roleplay suggestion added to burning Body for Vala

- Added the Boon system

- Added the courtesy call "Fault" for when a player uses an ability in error (for example, spell casting while being attacked, doing a counted action on an unwilling participant, etc.)

Racial Abilities and Traits
- Orcs now get Rugged instead of Claws as a Race Trait

- Rugged improves the exchange rate of Max Body to Vala from 10 Max Body for 5 Vala to 15 Max Body for 10 Vala, in addition to the +25 body

- Strength now has an additional usage, one use may be consumed to grant an additional +5 to all attacks for 5 minutes

- One Handed, Two Handed, and Launched weapon skills all reduced to 3 SP

- Shield and Two Weapon Fighting reduced to 2 SP

- 2 Handed Weapon now deals 15 base damage

- New Skill Master of Arms, 10 SP, grants all weapon familiarities

- The Sig Call for all Weapon Master strikes is "Wound <Damage>" for simplicity

- Soldier and Duelist reduced to 15 SP

- Scoundrel reduced to 12 SP

- Veteran Soldier Armor Bonus is now 50 instead of 25

- Seasoned Scoundrel no longer allows additional armor with footwork, but grants +50 resilience when using footwork

- Weapon master now has the character choose a weapon (or claws or unarmed), and grants 5 Flurry attacks with that weapon

- Elite Weapon Master Grants 5 Flurry attacks with a weapon of choice, in addition to the general +5 damage for all attacks

- Character no longer needs to keep moving to maintain their Footwork, simply remain on their feet

- Characters now get the full resilience bonus for footwork (+50) at Skirmisher, rathe rather than +25 at Skirmisher and +25 at Veteran Skirmisher.

- Agility now costs 2 SP and has a cumulative prereq of 2 purchases of Footwork instead of 3. It no longer has a Mortal Dodge Prereq

- Evasion no longer requires Agility as a prereq

- Veteran Skirmisher no longer grants bonus resilience to Footwork, though still does for Light Foot, and still decreases the cooldown time for Footwork. It now grants +100 Resilience to Agility, 5 Bonus uses of Agility rather than 3, and also lets agility be used reactively as Footwork can (from Skirmisher)

- Envenom in Assassin clarified to require Assassin or Scoundrel to deliver

- For Medic, the negatives when a limb is splinted (lower damage, less resilience from footwork) were removed

- Aid in Physician can now be used on a character regardless of how hurt they are, and can be used multiple times (with caveats)

- Splints and bandages can be removed after 1 hour, or after the character has received a Healing Effect from Spell, Alchemy, or Racial Ability

- Physician's can add "Status" to the end of a First Aid 3 count to also get how long until the character is dead/spirit

- Shatter no longer specifies a target, instead breaks an item the character is holding (their choice)

- Bane and Malediction dropped to 10 vala to produce

- Thrown Weapons now behave like Launched Ammo – if you have the phys rep you have the item, but can now buy consumable Special Metal or Exotic Material Thrown Weapons to deal specialized effects
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2019 2:19 pm    Post subject: New character sheet? Reply with quote

Woohoo Skirmisher buffs!!! Is there a new character sheet/excel document that reflects these changes we can use to update/adjust our characters accordingly?
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2019 10:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Just uploaded the updated character builder:
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 3:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The spell strike monster racial section in the rule book doesn't have a sig call. All it says is "see the description of Spell Strike/Alchemy Strike", which is silly. Copy paste the sig call from the other section. That is all.
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 8:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I helped kill a demon permanently. But do they call me Peregrine the Demon Killer?
I have written numerous books and papers. But do they call me Peregrine the Scholar?
I made a sun. But do they call me Peregrine the sun maker?
But you make one deal with a demon.
Jeff Tabrum
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Not in the change list:

Description: This skill enables a character to use knowledge, evidence, books, and other resources to obtain answers that go above and
beyond the use of the Lore skill
System: This ability allows characters to do research as detailed in “Chapter 10: Lore Master”.
Signature Call: N/A
Uses: Whenever
One Time Purchase
Skill Cost: 3 SP Prerequisites: Learned

The description is also missing a period at the end.

Also, pg 162 under Documents: "or other gather data." Probably supposed to be "gathered"

"Production materials. Characters may need or wish to include materials produced by the Alchemy, Smith, Spellwright, or Illuminator skills in the inquiry, particularly in an experiment is the focus of the inquiry."
End of that sentence needs some fixing.

"Methodical analyses. Characters may which to apply specific deductive methods..."
which = wish ?
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 2:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hardened stalwart still references limitations from splinted limbs
We do what we must because we can.
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