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Real Name: Anton Feist
Post 'em when you got 'em
Sun Dec 02, 2018 10:21 pm

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Real Name: Riley Savitzky
Sooo, things progressed very much as I expected. I got a lot of things done, and we got sooo much more to do.

- 1 mithril chain shirt for the Thorn traded for Imbue ritual scroll
- Sharpsmith enchanted for my 1-year of dedicated guard-ness + made into reliquary
- Learned shield techniques from Stone Wolves (Anzel, I believe)
- Started to learn about spell scroll writing from Phiri
- Bought a sought-for ritual for the guard.
- Discussed possibility of contract drafts for Ahnica & Callen for alchemy. If we can get basic form contracts drafted, I can take the same model and present contracts to other people like theurges (for res stones), other alchemists (for their specialty, if they have one), illuminators (for scrolls of all levels), spellwrights for scrolls / potions, incanters & archons (for ritual performance).
- Traded Octavian throwing knives for alchemy for the guard

Things to do:
- Finish Operation: Ritual Box (Sachiko edition) symbols. [Cornerstones will be reinforced once inventory has been taken of what is where]
- Make ingot component thingies for rituals / weapon upgrades
- Start next Gilded Thorn project
- Look into contract language
- Delegate tasks for Project Armory (symbols for keen, seal, instill expertise, and temper)
- Buy the lock & keys we had on our door from the guard
- Discuss paper currency with Farah in guard stash
- Do moar things. So much to do, so little time.
Sun Dec 02, 2018 11:50 pm

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Real Name: Elisa Talbot
First, all my frustration with sewing actually paid off. People seemed to love canid-Caldwyn and that made for a great start to event. Definitely worth over-heating in the fluff -- I underestimated its heat-retaining capabilities & am happy to say Caldwyn has a new winter coat (for when Elisa is dying of cold).

So many new faces for Caldwyn! She started by greeting & hugging people she knew and introducing herself to the ones she didn't. More new open dragoons in town is always nice. On top of that, she finds out there's a settlement of dragoons nearby called Flame Haven! It's good to be back~

Finding out about the Sundered Fortnighters stained an otherwise fun reunion, but Therapy-dog Caldwyn helps with hugs! She even helped in the attempt to Reincarnate Raxxis and drew a great symbol, but the arguing when it failed was a lovely piece of RP~ Sometimes enthusiasm isn't the best way to cheer people up; they assume you're just being naive regarding the consequences & Caldwyn hates being treated like a kid. Downside of wearing floppy ears: I had no way to make them droop after that argument and walking with the tail between my legs was too difficult...

Learned a new card game from the Stone Wolves. Eventually managed to remember all 4 of their names on top of the strange rules. Moral of the game: one must achieve their own success before it's okay to steal from others. Caldwyn pays more attention to game rules than I would have thought, because she kept asking questions for very specific scenarios, one of which not even the other players knew how to answer.

I enjoyed the presentations at the Talent show. Caldwyn kept itching to perform while simultaneously frustrated because she hadn't had time to practice (& Elisa didn't have time to prep anything...). Finding out later that people couldn't remember their performances just told Caldwyn she was very lucky. Mostly because the the one thing I was debating performing was her Milmeranean chant...which she uses to ward buildings. Whew, dodged that arrow!

I also had an amusing trade of useless blows during one of the barn fights.
Caldwyn is hit by a blizzard --"No effect!" & promptly throws one right back at Kevin's NPC. "No Effect! Very Happy " After a pause...she tries throwing a paralyze instead --"No effect! >Very Happy " --
well crap biscuits... time to turn & flee, because I can't do anything else here~!

Lastly, I was touched by how many people came to warn Caldwyn of the strange untrustworthy man looking for her. Joswyn bursts into the kitchen to inform her first, as I was busy cleaning my dinner cookware. "There's this old guy, asking for you & Djonin by name, saying he needs you to help his sick daughter. DON'T TRUST HIM HE'S LYING." I thank her, ask her to inform Djonin & Calvin, & then return to cleaning my dishes. Once I finish and returned to the tavern, I had at least 4 more people approach Caldwyn, one after the other, just to make sure she heard about the sketchy dude and NOT TO TRUST HIM. <3 Having spent the first half of event introducing herself to new unknown faces, this was very much needed. Those asking for help with sick people WITHOUT asking for Calvin is weird enough to raise an eyebrow.

The following "Caldwyn should not be alone with strangers" bits were fun indeed. Calvin & Djonin needed to do more dream-related things, so she stuck close to the Gilded Thorn instead. The one time a strange dragoon cultist(?) got too close to her, she ran away to hide behind Archie worried she'd be mind-controlled into leaving or attacking her friends. (Speaking of, Archie is VERY used to having a buff-wizard at his back, but Caldwyn didn't have the vala left to be a temp-Rose for more than a few spells.) By the end of event she felt like a princess, protected in a tower with an armed group of trandafir bodyguards. I still need to make that flower crown for her now...
Tue Dec 04, 2018 9:36 pm

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Real Name: Adam Benkel
Well after a whiteknuckle drive home....

Jerec, was very warm in his armor, thankfully.
It was awesome to be back in fortnight in game, but moonlight might have avoided a few tree slayings, nightvision is not my friend.
Friday was a nice relaxing night in the tavern and a visit to the tea house. Anna and Josh's new characters visiting the temple is more proof that Jerec needs a cheat sheet OOG for the gods. The sluagh running around kept me in the tavern for a bit. The logistical meeting for the town guard was quite inspiring, its great to see the guard finally start running.

Saturday was a late awakening, after the invisible Savannah moment,(you know someones a good sneakysneak when you imagine them being there, when they arent). Right into an NPC shift, really enjoyed the hollow dreams encounter, many people not following rule #1. Then drinking over 40oz of rootbeer so I could play a drunk idiot. Very happy to see plot let me NOT go into heckler mode for the talent show, as I couldn't bring myself to be a jerk to all the awesome performers. Next, the armor reload, and returning in game to have a great set of RP, then the murder of all of the dragoon kidnappers, BAD KIDNAPPERS!. A bunch more RP before finally being done with the Muses.
Thu Dec 06, 2018 4:06 pm

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Real Name: Reilley Scott
Rules Plot
Punch bad dreams in the dick.
Sat Dec 08, 2018 2:25 am

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