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Real Name: Benjamin Shickley
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It has always come across to me that the legacies world is very polytheistic in its beliefs, with cultures at the very least accepting that other culture believe other things and while they do not perfectly line up they are often close enough to make sense to each person.

What I was wondering is if there are set countries or cultural groups in this world that are truly monotheistic, believe that the god they worship is the only true god and everyone else is wrong. While there are definitely people who believe this, I was more interested in Larger groups like entire cultures or countries. I figure this would be the time to ask now that the world has expanded so greatly.
Sat Dec 16, 2017 7:34 pm

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Real Name: Emily Ziegler
Uthmanli holds the belief that there are only 3 true gods, The Hearth Keeper protecting the home, The Tradesman protecting the town, The Mercenary protecting the nation(more info with come as more is fleshed out). The three Gods are represented by 3 great towers standing on three separate coastal points, creating a great triangle across the country. The three towers once shone as great beacons across the Oceanum Orientalis Ocean and the Beryllian Gulf, but their great light went out thousands of years before written history, so the cause is unknown as well as how to repair them. Followers of The Triune will take part in a holy pilgrimage between the towers following the triangular path. Uthmanli's emperor, Emperor Mustafa III, has dedicated a large amount of effort and expense into reigniting the towers.

Sassania was founded as the Uthmanli Empire receded from their lands. A woman walked from the desert and began wandering to the cities of the region. Her message was that the Triune of the Uthmanli was incorrect. Instead of three, there was one. She was called Ada, and was regarded as the first prophet. She spoke to them of a revelation from "the One Above" who called her to show the people a holy place.
Some followed her into the wilderness and found an ancient city in the desert. Calling it the "Rosetta" they listened to and spread Ada's teachings until the nation was formed. From this place, Ada* governed in the place of the One Above until her death.
The religion of the One Above (or Adism, as it is known to outsiders) teaches that humans were made in the image of the One Above and that all other races flow from them. Little dissuades them from this and they therefore perfer to interact with humans above other races, though there is no overt hostility or racism.
Despite the overarching theocracy, individuals are free to venerate deities as they please and non-humans are welcome within the borders.

*Ada (Sassania has been governed in perpetuity by a ruler named Ada and a council of trusted advisors in the faith. When the previous Ada dies, a rite is performed to seek the new incarnation of Ada and new set of advisors. The individual (always human, generally female) will lose their birth name and take the mantle of Ada. They act as interpreter for the will of the greater in governmental matters.)
Sat Dec 16, 2017 9:52 pm

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Real Name: Daniel Kawasaki
Taelgranis (and what might be left of the subtellerium) follow the Many-Faced God. Not much info in the players guide, but there's a writeup that was sent to world.
Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:02 am

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