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PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 10:50 pm    Post subject: October Logistics Update Reply with quote

Hello all,

This was announced at closing last month but I am just stating it again here. Several people used the Logistics Update Utility form on the website last month and none of them reached my inbox. The update utility has been spotty for years and I always recommend sending me a direct email to to guarantee that your update gets to me. This problem is with our web host who is a drag until we are able to get a replacement that doesn't pick and choose which emails will actually get to my inbox.

I've brought it up with Josh, and he tells me he has gone ahead and disabled the website utility form entirely. Now, the update utility will absolutely never reach me so fair warning. For the moment, the utility page is still up there while I ping Josh about possibly removing the page so that newer folks don't try to use it but we've both been crazy busy these past few weeks and are working on it. So again, please simply send logistics direct emails when submitting updates for your characters the utility will not work at all any longer.

I know today is the Logistics deadline and this announcement is a bit late, but if anyone did use the utility to send in an update for October event please send me an email and we can go over your update. If the utility sent you a copy of what you submitted with the date that will definitely make things a lot easier.

In addition to this, if you ever have any doubt whether or not your email has reached Logistics going forward I have set my home computer to send a simple confirmation that your submission has been received. He was having a tantrum the first couple weeks after September event but I fixed that now and he should be sending those confirmations after every email received.

Lastly, to be absolutely sure that your logistics request has been processed I ALWAYS reply to your email with one last confirmation that your request has been completed. I don't always have time to get to them right away but you will always receive a response by the very latest the Pre-registration deadline before each event which is the Wednesday before event weekend.

So to sum things up:

1) Website Logistics Update Utility is broke, don't use it. Period.

2) Send Logistics a direct email and Avery will send you a confirmation that it arrived in my inbox within a few minutes. If you don't get this confirmation, this means I did not receive your email. Send again.

3) You will always get a response by the Pre-registration deadline at the latest but usually sooner. If you don't, message me again either at the logistics email or PM because maybe something got lost down the line but it is unlikely.

Everyone has more than enough time to send in their updates and get clear confirmations when it is received and when it is processed. We do not process any updates at the table because it takes up a lot of time and holds up the check-in line. I have made exceptions in the past because the update utility was on the fritz but with the above process in place everyone can be aware of when their email is processed and we can save on time at the table.

Thank you to everyone who got their updates in already. I am still working on those emails and you'll hear from me soon.

See you at game!
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 7:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Our host moved us to a new server yesterday (so if you saw downtime that was it) and appears to have restored us not from an immediate backup but from one a couple weeks ago. The logistics page is unfortunately back in its old form (but hey, maybe they fixed their damn email relay since that's what keeps breaking). I'll try to remember to disable it again tonight, but if I forget (packing for a week long trip with the family, so I quite likely will) please don't use the form
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