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Real Name: Daniel Kawasaki
This is something I submitted to Gameworld and was passing around to the Taelgranis players when one suggested I make a post on here about it. For context, in the Taelgranis writeup in one of the versions of the Players Guide, the section on Religion says this:

"The Taelgranis have a unique view of religion. Instead of being pantheistic, as most people in the world are, they are monotheistic. They believe that each of the Elven gods is simply an archetypal aspect of the Multi-Faced God. Each face rules over a different domain and has a different demeanor. The belief is that this is simply the Taelgranis’ way of understanding something which is too complex to be truly understood by the minds of mortals. Priests of the Multi-Faced God may favor a specific facet, but they all serve each of the faces their god wears. Many races, especially the sidhe, feel that this is heresy and further proof that the Taelgranis have turned away from their heritage entirely."

Then there's a section in the Players Guide set aside for the Multi-Faced God, but it's blank. So I wrote up this. Reminder this isn't official (yet).

The Multi-Faced God

A young man walks beside a girl across a flowered field. Spring has come and this girl is his life. He prays.
A child climbs a tree to watch the sunset over the fields. Summer is ending and the harvest is life for his village. He prays.
A hunter tracks a boar through the woods. Winter is coming and this boar is life for his family. He prays.
But to whom do they pray? The world has as many answers as there are people to answer; but walk far enough, climb high enough, hunt long enough and you shall find only one. One God. With many faces.
In Sylvanator he is Bloodstrike who defends the weak, rights wrongs, and destroys evil.
In the Wastes he is Beshaba whispering vitriol and turning friend against friend.
In the fields of Alba he is Gwynna watching over the farms and herds.
In Doomstadt he is Sordos filling hearts with greed and lust.
For couriers, he is the Wanderer.
For craftsmen, he is the Hammerhand.
For hunters, he is the Forest Lord.
In the House of Rock and Stone, however, He is all of them. And none of them. He is the Multi-Faced God and wherever someone turns, there He is. People come from every corner of the world to know him. To bear his favour and seek his gifts. For themselves, if their life has grown too hard, or for others, who are making it so. It is all the same to the Multi-Faced God.
Omnes servientes. All must serve Him. Beggars and Kings.
Omnes morietur. All must die. Good and evil.
People worship as they will but at the end of every road stands the Multi-Faced God, waiting...

The syncretic/monotheistic religion of the Taelgranis teaches that each of the Elven Gods is simply an archetypal aspect, or face, through which He has revealed Himself; hence they refer to their deity as the Multi-Faced God. Priests of the Multi-Faced God may favour a specific facet, but they all serve each of the faces their God wears. And none of them.

There is no one symbol of the Multi-Faced God, simply the icons used for any of the Elven Gods, or none at all. It is all the same to the Multi-Faced God.

The worship of the Multi-Faced God originated during the Dragon Wars, after the Taelgranis fled to the Subtellurium and established New Atlanashar. They sought to understand how the other races could have turned on each other, and on the Taelgranis who were attempting to stay out of the conflict and remain objective. Why had these differences of opinions, of beliefs, lead to such violence? In the Great Library they possessed the collected works of every race and culture, and over time the belief developed that while all the mortal races came from different lands and followed different deities, all races were fundamentally the same; they all would die. In time this turned into a syncretic belief system worshipping Death as the Multi-Faced God.

This doesn’t mean the Taelgranis seek to die or to cause death, simply that they acknowledge that death is the one commonality between all things on this plane of existance. Not everyone travels vast distances regularly, but those that do give prayers to Artaq. Not everyone is a craftsman, but those that are give thanks to Khoron. However, everyone will one day die.

Since all Gods are Him, and He all Gods, the symbols and worships of Them are symbols and worships to the Multi-Faced God. But since not all worship every facet of the Multi-Faced God, none of them are required symbols or worships. This is why the Multi-Faced God has no direct symbol nor method of worship.

Idealist: All Gods, not just the Faean Pantheon, are faces of the Multi-Faced God.

Realist: Until the other races realize all their Gods are one, we cannot trust them in their ignorance.

Extremist: Those that forget their brotherhood with each other need to be reminded how we are all the same.

The head temple of the Multi-Faced God in New Atlanashar, known as the House of Rock and Stone (due to the only building materials native to the Subtellurium), contains a large public sanctuary with statues of all the Elven Gods displayed equally. Icons from other religions and cults are also honored in the House of Rock and Stone, as the Proeliatoris Noctum brings back knowledge of the other theologies and pantheons of the surface world.

Presence in Alba
Non-Taelgranis typically believe the Multi-Faced God is simply the Taelgranis’ way of understanding something which is too complex to be truly understood by the minds of mortals. Many races, especially the Sidhe, feel that the Multi-Faced God is heresy and further proof that the Taelgranis have turned away from their heritage entirely. Some Dragoons have adopted the Multi-Faced God, typically keeping their belief very private.
Sun Apr 16, 2017 4:09 pm

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Real Name: Anna McDermott
These are some nice thoughts, thank you Daniel - My team and I are having fun with them, and I will bounce it back to you in revised form soon.

It's great that people have a desire to add to and expand game cannon, I find these sorts of ideas very exciting and interesting, but we may not always adopt them whole, so I wish to add a deliberate caveat that the above, while interesting, is not necessarily the exact end result, so I'll be sure to clarify at that point.
Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:34 pm

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