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Official Plot
Real Name: Jul to Dec 2017
A fine scroll of parchment is posted here it reads:

"The Town Charter of Fortnight,

This settlement shall be ruled by it's duly appointed Lord, Lord Alistair Oswald, KOKG, and a Town Council formed of citizens.

The Council shall consist of:

One elected representative, from any citizen of the town, whom shall also act as head of the council and bestowed the title of Mayor for the duration of their term.

Two elected representatives from among the Alban citizenry of the settlement.

One elected representative from among the citizens of the area prior to it becoming Alban territory.

The council will adjudicate any disputes and levy any taxes that they feel are appropriate and which is in keeping with Alban law. The noble Lord Alistair Oswald, KOKG, shall hold a tie breaking vote should the council become split on any issue.

In a time of war, the noble Lord Alistair Oswald, KOKG, may set aside the council for the duration of the war and rule directly.

Members of the council are elected by popular vote, annually at the end of summer, allowing for enough time before the harvest that the general populace may participate. They can be removed from office only with a unanimous vote of the remainder of the council and the noble Lord Alistair Oswald. In the event that a council member dies, resigns, or is removed from office prior to the next election, a special election shall be held within six weeks to replace them. No person in the service to the governments of either Alba or Doomstadt shall serve on the town council.
Should Lord Alistair Oswald, KOKG, die, be called to war, or otherwise become unable to rule, his heir Sir Anthony Oswald, KOKG shall rule in his place.

The right to levy taxes and to recruit and maintain a militia shall be the responsibility of the town council and shall not be infringed by the nobility except in times of war. The Town Council must muster a militia, organization of which will be determined by the Town Council. In times of war all militia officers shall be considered to have fealty to the noble Lord Alistair Oswald, KOKG, in whose lands they serve. "

Sat Aug 22, 2015 10:06 am

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